Parade (lapresse)

  • Milan, countdown to Fashion Week. The women's spring summer 2016 collections are on stage
  • All on the catwalk, Milan Fashion Week starts


22 September 2015How do you attend a fashion show? What is the difference between haute couture and prêt à porter? What are the most important fashion events ? The world of fashion - like all sectors - has its rules, its keywords and its key events. Here are 6 basic things to know:

1 - There are 4 "fashion capitals": New York, London, Milan, Paris, called "Big Four". Each city hosts four fashion weeks every year: two dedicated to women's collections and two to men's.

2 - Fashion weeks never overlap. New York always opens the runway season, followed by London, Milan and Paris.

3- Men's fashion weeks take place in January and June, women's fashion weeks in February and September.

4 - During the January and February fashion shows, the collections of the following autumn / winter are presented, while the runways of June and September are dedicated to the collections of the following spring / summer.

5 - In order to attend the fashion week fashion shows, it is necessary to have an invitation. The audience is made up of employees in the sector: buyers (buyers), fashion experts, journalists.

6 - In the language of fashion there are two keywords: haute couture and prêt à porter. What is meant by these two terms? Haute couture is haute couture: luxury items that are real unique pieces, intended for a limited clientele. Prêt à porter means "ready to wear" instead. This expression refers to collections that follow the rules of mass production: the garments are not tailored but made in large quantities.