Dominic Thiem, who ranks third on the tennis world list, tried to polish the sport’s reputation on Monday. In June, the male players got a rage of dirt on their necks when they spread the coronavirus in a reckless tournament run by Novak Djokovic, recklessly behaving.

Djokovic and Viktor Troicki and their wives, as well as Grigor Dimitrov and Borna Coric, gave a positive corona test during the Adria Tour and the tournament had to be suspended.

An invitational tournament started in Berlin on Monday, in which Thiem will also participate.

- We need to learn from our mistakes and be careful in these times of pandemics. Its Adria Tour taught us, Thiem assured.

In Austrian tennis, Dominic Thiem played in the Kitzbühel tournament on Wednesday, July 8th.

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Thiem participated in Djokovic's tournament but avoided infection. He still had to be criticized by Australian Nick Kyrgios along with others. The duo were still peeking at each other last week, and Thiem’s gauge is already in red.

- Certain opinions, especially from Australia, are completely unnecessary, Thiem confirmed his indignation in Berlin.

- We deserve criticism for our mistakes, but it should also be understood that neither Novak nor anyone else has committed a crime. That tournament was organized with good intentions.

Criticism did not come from participation but from behavior. The players hugged each other on the field after the matches. In addition, a video escaped from the players ’nightclub parties on social media, testifying to a somewhat complete disregard for corona instructions.

Thiem defends his criticized colleagues.

Image: Jfk / APA Picturedesk / ZUMA Press /

Djokovic, Thiem, and many others quickly apologized for their behavior. Alexandr Zverev declared voluntary isolation after the tournament, but was met from outside to celebrate shortly afterwards, and he dropped out of the Berlin tournament.

- That matter is over. Zverev has a reason for not being here, the Austrian Thiem defended the German Zverev against Kyrgios' accusations.

Kyrgios rebuked Zverev, who had "shaken" the party, for selfishness.

Tournament director Barbara Rittner assures that safety instructions will be followed in Berlin without compromising the players and that no players' parties will be held at the Games.

“Hygiene is our number one priority, and we want to get rid of the idea that tennis players would be indifferent or arrogant to the corona situation,” Rittner said.

At his media conference, Thiem was also allowed to answer questions about the US Open. The tournament is scheduled to take place in late August in New York, although the country’s corona situation is deteriorating again.

- The situation is not in the hands of our players but in the hands of the US Tennis Association, the country's government and the mayor of New York, Thiem said.

- It looks pretty shaky, though. I still believe we are safe if the tournament is played. We are isolated in the big "Bubble" with no contacts with the outside world.

Thiem’s games in the Berlin tournament start on Tuesday.