Unlike sports, players ’salaries are quite a mystery when it comes to racing. Rumors and estimates about the salaries and earnings of professionals in various games are moving, but players are less likely to confirm these themselves.

Now a new assessment of the pay levels of the top names in Counter-Strike shooter games has been received again as BT has revealed the salaries of Denmark’s toughest CS teams.

According to BT, the players of the legendary Astralis team earn an annual salary of DKK 2.4 million (approximately € 320,000). The figure does not include sponsor or tournament revenue, which can easily double annual revenue.

According to Danish media sources, the annual salary of the North team's players is about 200,000 euros. Players on the Heroic and MAD Lions teams receive about $ 90,000 a year.

The monthly salary of Astralis players would therefore be € 26,000, according to figures revealed by BT. In North, the player receives just over € 16,000 per month, in Heroic and MAD Lions € 7,500.

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Denmark is one of the great powers of the CS. Astralis has been the undisputed top name for CS for most of the last three years, but recent lineup changes have dropped the rankings abundantly on the world list.

On the HLTV world list, Astralis is 11th, Heroic 18th, MAD Lions 19th and North 24th. Of the Finnish teams, only ENCE (22nd) and HAVU (28th) are currently on the HLTV list.

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