• Venezuela: The coronavirus infects the Chavista dome and its military heart

From 109 torture victims in 2018 to 574 last year. The repressive forces of the Bolivarian revolution have increased torture in Venezuela fivefold, coinciding with the challenge launched by the democratic Parliament and by the president in charge, Juan Guaidó, against the regime led by Nicolás Maduro, according to investigations carried out by the NGO Provea , one of the most prestigious on the continent.

Venezuela's endless terror seems to find no limits: 23 of the 574 victims died from torture and ill-treatment. Among them, Captain Rafael Acosta, assassinated at the main headquarters of the Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), the largest torture center on the continent.

"The captain was tortured on June 26, precisely the day that the day against torture is celebrated. Unfortunately we know that those responsible for these events were not punished," Inti Rodríguez, a Provea investigator, revealed during the virtual presentation of the report.

"It is a record number, for the first time in our history we registered more than 500 cases of torture , victims of these crimes against human rights. It constitutes a 526% increase compared to 2018," Rodríguez confirmed.

In the first six years of the Maduro government, from 2013 to 2019, 1,170 cases of torture have been demonstrated, half only last year. A sidereal increase that has not only been discovered with torture: in 2019 there was a 1,359% increase in the number of wounded and injured in the context of demonstrations and protests.

The "supreme happiness" revolution breaks one record after another . On this occasion Provea has not only fought against the onslaught of the Government, which constantly threatens the NGO, but also against fear within Venezuelan society. "People are very afraid to report, there is also mistrust in state institutions, plus censorship and harassment against the media, which prevents them from publishing many of the situations that occur. There is also no official information about what is happening. Despite all this we registered a record number ", sentenced Rodríguez.

Provea's devastating report once again reveals the impunity handled by the government's military and police forces. The latest information known to its researchers is also chilling: between January and May of this year, amid the pandemic and the "radical quarantine" ordered by Maduro, 1,324 people have died due to the intervention of the public force. For every deceased police officer there are 94 civilians killed. One in three of the murders that occurred during this time was caused by the police or the military.

" The nature of the Venezuelan conflict is changing during the state of alarm , Maduro is taking advantage of the context to increase control mechanisms," stressed Rafael Uzcátegui, coordinator of Provea.

Between 2010 and 2018, under Hugo Chávez and Maduro, 23,688 people have died due to the action of government forces. According to the lawyer and investigator Keymer Ávila, 69% of the cases occurred between 2016 and 2018.

The vast majority of these victims of police and military officers are "young people under the age of 30, dark skinned, and low class." Chavismo has been very active in denouncing the death of George Floyd in the United States, a victim of police violence against blacks that sparked the global protest against racial discrimination on half the planet.

Former Chavista leader arrested

"I was a Chavista, but never for this. Never to attempt against the people. There was a deception, a fraud. Based on this fraud, I call on the people to unite in order to restore democracy. I hope to see you soon " The political scientist Nicmer Evans, a former Chavista leader and today a left-wing opponent who supports Guaidó's democratic cause, left several messages before the political police detained him for "instigating hatred." Government agents kept his family kidnapped for four hours , until his delivery. Evans directs the media Punto de Corte, recognized for his complaints against the regime's corruption.

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