China News Agency, Toronto, July 13 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first publicly apologized to the public on July 13 for the disturbance caused by the Student Services Grant Program.

Data Map: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. China News Service issued MSC/Kuhlmann photo

  "I made a mistake." Trudeau said that due to the close relationship between himself and his family and "our charity", he should not be involved in the cabinet's discussion of the institution and the project, "I am sorry that there is no Do this." He also said that the turmoil caused the plan to help young people "derail", which regrets.

  As one of the epidemic relief measures, Trudeau announced on June 25 the Canadian government's student service grant program, which provides 1,000 to 5,000 Canadian dollars in grants to college students and fresh graduates who plan to do summer volunteer work. The project, totaling more than 900 million Canadian dollars, was handed over to an organization called "Our Charity". However, the media later disclosed that the Trudeau family had a close relationship with the institution and that their family members had been paid for participating in the institution’s activities. This caused public opinion to criticize the matter for alleged "nepotism." Mario Dion, Commissioner of Conflicts of Interest and Ethics of the Canadian Parliament, disclosed on July 3 that it has launched an investigation into whether Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Law in this matter.

  Trudeau said he was willing to bear the consequences for this matter. He also said that senior officials such as Cabinet ministers will respond to congressional inquiries on this matter.

  A media reporter described Trudeau as "when he was caught while stuck in a cookie jar". Trudeau repeatedly apologized for the incident at a press conference held in front of his residence in Ottawa.

  But he also once again argued that the professional public service department prefers to recommend "we charity" as the cooperation object, in view of the agency's influence and relevant experience.

  Trudeau explained that he knew that his mother and younger brother gave public paid lectures, but did not know the specific amount. He regretted that his mother was involved in the storm.

Data Map: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. China News Service reporter Yu Ruidong

  The media disclosed earlier that Trudeau's mother and younger brother had received about 300,000 Canadian dollars in speech remuneration paid by "Our Charity" and its affiliates in the past four years. His wife, Sophie, acted as an ambassador for the agency and hosted a podcast show. Before Trudeau became the leader of the Liberal Party, he received more than a thousand Canadian dollars for attending the agency's speech in 2012.

  The Kilberg brothers who founded "Our Charity" published a statement in the media on the 13th to explain the dispute. They said that they had made some mistakes and apologized. But they denied profiting from it in any way.

  The Canadian media also disclosed recently that one of the finance minister Mono’s daughters is now employed by “Our Charity” while another daughter has spoken at the agency’s events. Mono also apologized for this on the 13th, and promised that he will avoid all discussions related to "Our Charity" in the future.

  After the launch of the Student Services Grant Program, 35,000 people have applied. However, under the pressure of public opinion, the Canadian government and "We Charity" announced the suspension of cooperation on July 3. On the Canadian federal government's webpage on various relief measures during the epidemic, there is currently no introduction about the bursary program.

  The storm has triggered criticism from the opposition. Some opposition MPs even called on the Royal Mounted Police to intervene in the investigation.

  This is not the first time Trudeau has been investigated by the Canadian Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner. In December 2017 and August 2019, Trudeau was found to be in violation of the Conflict of Interest Law after being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner because he took a Regal private helicopter to a private island vacation and tried to interfere with the justice in the SNC Lan Wanling case. (Finish)