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  • 12-J.Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country
  • PP.Barones of the PP praise the "moderation" of Feijóo and ask to recover "the centered vote" in the Basque Country
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In Genoa they waited for him. And Pablo Casado is not caught by surprise: the recurring debate on the direction of the PP returns. While in the Basque Country Genoa's commitment to Carlos Iturgaiz did not end up taking place and consummated an announced failure, the fourth absolute majority of Alberto Núñez Feijóo was born with a question under his arm: should the national PP take the path of the popular Galicians and recalibrate course and tone?

Talk more towards the center or to the right. Cover more electorate in the long term or more opposition quota, in the short term. They are the axes of the debate that is being waged without remedy in the main opposition party since Mariano Rajoy, defeated in the motion of censure, decided to get off the political train. As in Procusto's bed, it is as fateful to go overboard as it is to fall short.

The Galician popular baron achieved his fourth absolute majority on Sunday, while Pablo Casado's personal commitment to Carlos Iturgaiz did not finish taking flight and could only maintain the worst expectations: five seats. The temporary coincidence of both results increases the pressure on the PP's national president.

Those who believe that they should look more towards the center have two strong arguments in the Galician and Basque elections to intensify their requests to Genoa. This is the case of Feijóo, of course, but also of two other barons of the "moderate" profile and with "centrist" zeal: Juan Manuel Moreno, President of Andalusia, and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, President of Castilla y León.

You have to "correct the shot"

The latter is clear: "Feijóo is the example" of the "moderation" and "centrism" that the PP must advocate, he says. Mañueco has assured that in Galicia "centrality wins" and has agreed that "in the Basque Country we have to continue working to recover the centered vote".

This idea of ​​"Galleguizar" the national PP is shared by several leaders consulted by this newspaper. In the wing called "moderate" they believe that Casado has to take note of Galicia to "correct the shot".

"You have to think of a two-year project with new people, new ideas and looking at the center; in the center you conquer the moderates, and in the effectiveness of management you win over the radicals. So you don't have to look at Vox ", synthesizes a popular regional leader .

The Andalusian president has pointed in that direction: "Galicia wins with Feijóo. His experience, balance and moderation are the best ally."

In Genoa they do not acknowledge receipt of these messages, but they do acknowledge that "the votes have gone to the PNV", for the most part. Teodoro García Egea, general secretary of the PP, assured that his party has already moved to the center in the Basque Country, by joining forces with Ciudadanos. "If anyone has looked at the center it has been the PP. Those messages from the barons , our colleagues, are compatible," he stressed.

If in Genoa they do not self-criticize on account of the Basque strategy, it is because they assure that the previous candidate, Alfonso Alonso, had very bad expectations: "The surveys gave us five seats in January, and the CIS, three," assured sources from the national leadership.

Galicia, "waiting room" for success in Spain

Married has called the party's National Executive Committee this Wednesday at 12 noon, "to celebrate the victory in Galicia." The message that Genoa wants to convey is that Feijóo's victory is the "prelude" to success in Spain. And that the Galician model is the one they want to "implement" at the national level, as assured by Pablo Montesinos , deputy secretary general of Communication for the popular .

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, did not congratulate Feijóo on the networks, but she did show her "satisfaction" in the following way: "The result yesterday [on Sunday] is somewhat dramatic, because in four years Galicia can be swallowed up by nationalism, despite the satisfaction that results from a party comrade who has managed in an exemplary manner.

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Elections Feijóo's success and Iturgaiz's failure add pressure to Pablo Casado

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Elections Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country

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