China News Service, July 14th, according to Kyodo News, Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture disclosed on the 13th that it received a report from the US that 32 people were diagnosed with the new coronavirus at the US military’s Futenma Airport. 66 US soldiers stationed in Okinawa had been diagnosed before, and the total number of diagnoses rose to 98.

  According to reports, there are a total of 71 people infected at the US military’s Futenma Airport, and Okinawa Prefecture believes that the airport and the Hansen Barracks, where 22 people were infected, had cluster infections. In addition to the above two, Kadena Base had 3 infections, and McTeles Military Barracks and Pujin’s logistics base "Kinther Camp" each had 1 infection.

  It is reported that the Okinawa Prefecture government is concerned that the infection may also spread to the residents of the county who have daily contact with the inside and outside of the base, so they have increased their vigilance. The county asked the US military to provide details such as the trajectory of infected persons, and is coordinating to hold a joint meeting on the medical system.

  Okinawa Prefecture revealed that around July 4th, American Independence Day, the US military held a party at a restaurant in Chatan. Some residents provided information that "the test results of the US military personnel present together were positive." The county implemented a temporary virus test at the Chatan Town Government Building on the 12th. 130 employees including store employees who had contact with US military personnel were tested, and the results are expected on the 14th.

  In addition, because the U.S. military stationed in Okinawa is unwilling to explain to the Japanese side the activities and contact history of the infected U.S. military, making epidemic prevention more difficult. Governor of Okinawa, Jade City Danny revealed to the media on the 13th that he is coordinating with the central government to Tokyo to tell the government about the status quo.