Ahmed Nazem in Karlshamn is already superior to his classmates when it comes to math. 

- We had a task where you had to double numbers. Then you could get up to a maximum of 128, as the others did. Then I held out my hand and had to take the last speech. Then I doubled numbers up to 2.1 billion, says Ahmed Nazem.

Competing against the calculator

Now he is up to 4.3 billion. His goal is to be able to double numbers up to 50 billion. He competes against the calculator because he has been beating his parents for a long time.

- We have never had anyone in the family who has come this far. He is unique, says father Hassan Nazem.

Ahmed Nazem has also started uploading math videos on Youtube to inspire others.

- It is fun and it can be a hobby you can have in your free time. It can also be used quite a lot in school sometimes, says Ahmed Nazem.