The malware called Avaddon, which was only discovered at the beginning of June, spread strongly during June and became one of the most common malware in Finland. This is what the security company Check Point says, according to which Avaddon comes as an email with a header and a winking emoji enticing you to open a zip-compressed attachment.

The blackmail malware is activated by clicking on the attachment icon and encrypts the contents of the computer and asks for a ransom for opening the contents. Ransom should never be paid. Lost files should be restored from regularly taken backups. Your computer, on the other hand, should be protected with a reliable virus scanner.

- Companies and organizations should instruct their staff to identify the most common types of spam containing malware. The messages containing the eye shakes should now be included among the suspects, commented Maya Horowitz, head of Check Point’s security research team, in a statement.

Avaddon is sold in the underworld as a turnkey service. The blackmailer has been spread by a botnet called Phorpiex, an army of infected computers. It is estimated that the botnet has a total of more than a million computers and has previously used porn blackmail messages that have been seen in Finland, for example.

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As early as last year, the CP estimated that Phorpiex had raised about $ 500,000 for criminals.

Phorpiex came in third on the list of the most common malware in Finland in June. Above were the hacking tool Lotoor and the number one was the Windows malware Formbook.

Finland's top 10 also includes Joker, which is a mobile malware used especially for billing scams. A new version of it was recently discovered that can hide well in the official Android app store.

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Finland's most common malware in June, according to CP:

  • Formbook, a data-stealing Windows malware.

  • Lotoor, an Android hacking tool.

  • Phorpiex, the worm for Windows hardware.

  • Shiz, Windows backdoor program.

  • XMRig, Monero cryptocurrency miner.

  • Pavelo, no information. (Possibly intended for the Palevo-Windows worm)

  • Remcos, a malware that spreads through Office files.

  • Adylkuzz, a Trojan.

  • Emotet, a self-propagating bank trojan.

  • Joker, a billing scam found on Android.