• Families. The complex and unconventional relationship between Will Smith and his wife: "We can do both what we want, because we trust each other"
  • Families: Will Smith agreed to have his wife have a relationship while married, according to her alleged lover
  • Controversies: the alleged lover of Will Smith's wife returns to the charge, after the denial of her
  • Relationships. Will Smith's wife denies having an extramarital relationship, with the "blessing" of her husband

It has been one of the most unexpected news internationally by the protagonists of it. A few weeks ago, the American rapper August Alsina confirmed having had an affair with actress Jada Pinkett, wife of fellow actor Will Smith. What was most striking about the artist's testimony is that, according to Alsina, this affair would have occurred with the approval of the protagonist of Men In Black, since , as Smith assured Alsina, his "marriage was a contractual agreement".

As it could not be otherwise, the words of the American star of the song fell like a jug of cold water in the Smith-Pinkett family and, although, initially, none of the indicated wanted to make statements, Jada Pinkett changed his mind. opinion. The actress decided to speak and did not do it in any way since she chose her program, The Red Table Talk on Facebook to give her opinion and, not content with that, she did it in front of her own husband, Will Smith.

In the powerful conversation between the two, Pinkett assumed his infidelity counting with hair and signs the details of his fleeting romance: "He was going through a very difficult situation. He was sick, he needed help and I wanted to help him", confirmed the actress under the watchful eye of her husband, who did not avoid asking all kinds of questions: "As time went on I kept getting involved with August".

A word that did not convince Will since he did not hesitate to ask him what he really meant when talking about entanglement. A question to which his wife did not hesitate to answer: "It was completely a relationship. A relationship in which I realized that happiness can never be found outside of oneself." Jada, who assured that this idyll occurred in a moment of marriage crisis, continued talking about the personal moment she was in when everything happened: "During this stage I was able to face my emotional immaturity and my insecurities. I was able to deeply heal from everything" . She also noted feeling very surprised that this story has now come to light: "This happened several years ago."

It was not even 24 hours after this marital meeting between Will and Jada for the third in disagreement to pronounce on this confession. Again, he used his social networks to make a personal reflection without pointing to anyone in particular. A few words that have been understood by her fans as a clear allusion to the confession of the actress: "Imagine that you do not know how to take care of the business that pays you. I understand all the subliminal messages and you can call me whatever you want." A quote that has not made it very clear who he refers to in particular since, he later wrote, "The problem is that you get into issues in which you have nothing to do . Go play with Mommy, not with me!".

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