A 24-year-old American boy, Rihan Staton, received admission to Harvard Law School after he was collecting garbage, which made his story the center of attention for media platforms and major media outlets.

"After high school, I refused all colleges that applied to, so I chose to work in the field of (sanitation) ... after years I got admission from Harvard University," Staton wrote on his Twitter page.

After high school I got rejected by every college I applied to, so i opted to work in the sanitation field to help my pops out.

A chance to go to college came and My brother chose to drop out so I could go.

Years later… I got accepted to Harvard Law School.

I love you, bro pic.twitter.com/QNSoDHHsnq

- Rehan Staton (@RehanStaton) June 25, 2020

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, Staton was waking up every day at 4 am to work as a garbage collector to support his family.

Staton suffered difficult circumstances, after his mother left his family and his father struggled for his support and brother.

Staton had hoped to become a professional boxer, but his hopes were interrupted after he was injured.

Staton plans to offer counseling and university lessons to other youth.