“Firstly, the number of cards in the hands of the population has increased, including in minor children, the cards are tied to the cards of the parents. Secondly, in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus infection and sitting at home, online sales have increased, which use the details of plastic cards. And, thirdly, accordingly, scammers have intensified, who hunt for these details in order to get money with their help. These are the main factors that influenced the increase in the number of such crimes, ”he said.

The expert also gave advice on how to protect yourself from this kind of fraud.

“First: never give anyone the details of their bank cards - either through online, or through calls and SMS. Second: never save bank card details, logins and passwords for subsequent payment in various applications and on websites. Always re-enter everything with your own hand, ”concluded Vekhov.

Earlier it became known that the number of crimes with bank cards in Russia increased by 489.2%.