Officials, experts and participants emphasized that the "probe of hope" is an ambitious project, and represents a glimmer of hope for Arab and Islamic countries, as it is an Emirati achievement, which generations aspire to, in which it enhances the desire to develop and deal with the future, in the most important sectors, particularly the science, space and technology sectors.

In an online seminar on the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, they referred to the “Probe of Hope”, organized by the Saudi Space Agency, the Emirates Space Agency and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, and moderated by the President of Strategic Partnerships and International Cooperation in the Emirates Space Agency, Engineer Nasser Al Hammadi, and in the presence of a number of representatives of the means The media pointed out that the UAE-Saudi cooperation in all fields is considered a strategic cooperation, including cooperation in the field of space, especially as Saudi Arabia has its experience in this sector, stressing that the "probe of hope" is an Arab and Islamic project that benefits all humanity.

Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said that “the efforts of the people of the Emirates were great and blessed, and since the launch of the idea of ​​the probe in 2014, implementation has begun, and this is evidence of the leadership of the country’s confidence in the children of the Emirates, especially since the probe was built between Emirati cards and competencies, The Emirati team also dealt with major challenges, and was able to overcome them, represented in shipping the probe to Japan, then the first team specialized in the launch operation traveled, and the second team traveled, in the light of the airport closures due to the Corona pandemic, and I heard about many challenges that the Emirati people were able to overcome » .

He added, "The leadership instilled in us a spirit of determination, strength and challenge, and was following all the details first-hand, and this achievement, which is Emirati, is also an achievement for the children of the Arab Gulf states, and the Arabs in general, who provide them with a spark of hope, and this is called (the probe of hope), as it is considered An achievement for all the region in which we live, and that the UAE's interest in the field of space enhances its aspiration for the future, and projects that deal with upcoming changes, especially in the field of technology and space.

The ambassador emphasized that “the UAE-Saudi relations are very close relations, and I am very hopeful that we will see a similar experience soon in Saudi Arabia, especially with the presence of the Saudi Space Authority whose Board of Directors is chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, and this means that the Kingdom has an important experience and aspirations On this level, we hope that the UAE and the Kingdom will be able to do joint work soon, on the level of space, by exchanging experiences, or conducting a joint experience between the two countries, especially since the two countries have the ability and capabilities ».

He said that «through my work as an ambassador to the Emirates in the Kingdom, I sensed the interest of senior officials here in the relations with the Emirates, which are strategic relations in all fields, whether at the level of political coordination, or economic work, or the presence of dozens of agreements and initiatives, and I believe with confidence that the future brings us together On all levels, I believe that the strategic relations between the two countries are a very important model, as history is one, geography is one, and the future will be in the hands of countries that work together, and agree in everything, especially when we see the challenges that beset the world, and we are on a date with On the 15th of July, the launching day of (The Probe of Hope), which is an Emirati day, as well as Saudi and Arab, and we will proudly look forward to this great achievement, and with us the sons of Arab and Islamic countries, in whom this project strengthens confidence towards the future.

For her part, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, Leader of the Scientific Team of the Emirates Project for Exploring Mars, "Probe of Hope", Sarah Bint Youssef Al-Amiri, said that "the Arab aspirations towards achieving leaps in the fields of science, space and technology have no limits, and that the aim of this project is to develop space science in The country and the region, and the transition from the stage of making satellites to exploring outer space, the fact that (the probe of hope) differs in its scientific equipment from the remote sensing satellites, which are manufactured by the Emirates, and launched 10 of them, and currently manufacture eight satellites, and this project develops the capabilities of technicians And Emirati engineers, and gives them additional expertise, because the probe is more complicated, because the project raises the capabilities and competence of Emirati experts in this field, which is focused on the leadership of the state ».

She added that «the project enhances the importance of motivating Arab youth to engage in areas that are essential in developing the economies of nations, such as mathematics, physics, and the rest of science», follow-up that «the probe mission is scientific in the first place, and has different goals, in terms of studying the environmental situation in Mars, and the status Its atmosphere, being very similar to the planet Earth, which gives experts and scientists the ability to analyze data and benefit from it for the benefit of humanity, it is a project that has a cognitive imprint, and it will be a global imprint, especially as the probe will carry out its mission in a different way, as the duration of the project will be long , And you will collect data in various ways. ”

Al-Amiri stressed that «capacity development is an essential goal, especially since the construction of the probe and its development required long years, and the UAE’s success in this project has positive results on the scientific and economic levels, and it is an Arab experience with what the word means, since the UAE is interested in developing expertise in the Arab world on This level ».

She noted that this project dealt with various challenges and risks, and a plan was established to reduce, anticipate, and deal with risks, and integrated programs were developed in this framework, such as environmental impacts, etc., and assuming all the scenarios that the probe will deal with during its journey, from the beginning of the launch Then he started contacting him about an hour after the launch, to the rest of the details related to his speed, his entry into the orbit of Mars, the ability of the probe to deal with changes, and issues of the probe's adaptation to any new conditions, in addition to details related to contacting the probe, its energy, and data acquisition Required and so on.

The Executive Director of the Saudi Space Authority, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, stated that «the project of the probe of hope is a global project and event, awaited by the people of the Emirates and the children of the Arab and Islamic worlds, and the countries of the world in general, in light of its great scientific importance.

He added that the establishment of the Arab Group for Space Cooperation translates the importance of generalizing experience and benefit in this field between Arabs, and that the "probe of hope" presented by the UAE as an Arab project will record the Arabs and the Emirates their presence in the global space registry, and will benefit from the data and information that the probe will collect research, science and centers centers Specialized in space science, in a way that enhances the aspirations of the world towards exploring outer space, and this confirms the ability of the UAE, its expertise and knowledge, as well, not impossible to persist, and harnessing the potential for the benefit of humanity.

For his part, the Director General of the Emirates Space Agency, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al-Ahbabi, said that the space sector in the Emirates is an integrated sector, in terms of the presence of specialized institutions, research and scientific institutions, legislation, and 10 satellites previously launched by the UAE, and it is now working on processing eight satellites New ones, in order to launch them, and the presence of institutions and operators knowing in this field, and we are working with the Saudi Space Authority, and we are cooperating with it, just as we are cooperating with international institutions, and we are currently looking to accomplish the mission of the Arab satellite 813 that came with an Emirati initiative, and under the guidance of the leadership.

He continued that «the Emirates invested in this very important sector, under the guidance of the leadership of the state, which harnesses all financial and human capabilities in order to strengthen many sectors, and in order to cross towards the future, and that makes the children of the Emirates and the Arabs a place in the map of global development, and that cooperation between the UAE and the Kingdom On the one hand, Saudi Arabia, the Arab states, and the countries of the world, on the scientific and research level, are vital to developing experiences and exchanging knowledge. ”

the expected day

"This project is an Arab project, and not only Emirati, and it is a project that the people of Arab and Islamic countries aspire to, which proves their ability to excel always," said Eng. Nasser Al Hammadi, head of strategic partnerships and international cooperation at the Emirates Space Agency.

He thanked the Saudi Space Authority for its cooperation and organization of the symposium, indicating that the project serves humanity by collecting information and data, and will present it for free to more than 200 scientific institutions in the world, and that the project dealt with many challenges, and was able to overcome them, to reach the world to a day July 15, the day the probe will be launched.

Shakhbut Bin Nahyan:

Exploring Mars is a project for Arabs that gives them a spark of hope.

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