There are three more matches left in Teemu Puk's opening season in the Premier League, but the end result is already clear: the Norwich he represents will be relegated to the Championship.

The Goat and Norwich season has been a wave movement. In the fall, Pukki rotted six goals in the first five league games. The eagle's tip rose to the attention of the general public around England, which breathes the species. The “Pukki party” was in force in Britain and Finland.

During the rest of the season, Pukki has played in 29 matches and scored only five goals.

- Goat's powers went hand in hand with the team's playing. It is always possible to wonder which came first: whether the team's powers decreased with the striker's play or the striker's powers with the team's play, says Ilta-Sanomat's football expert Marko Rajamäki.

Marko Rajamäki is a football expert for Ilta-Sanomat and Urheilulehti.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

The limitations of Norwich material over the long period came harshly. As opponents quickly learned the strength of the Goat, the movements behind the line of defense, the weapons of the offensive game were easy to eat away.

The dependence of Norwich’s success on Goat’s goals is also easy to read in the statistics. The series jumbo has won only five matches throughout the season. In four of them, Buck has scored goals. The buck has scored 11 and scored three goals, which is more than half of Norwich’s 26 hits.

Rajamäki reminds that in a team game, the responsibility for results cannot be rolled too much on the shoulders of one player.

- All attackers are always dependent on serving and the success of the team. The fall for Norwich is due to the whole team. The start was good and promising, as is often the case with the climber. It just didn’t carry far, and now unfortunately they have to take the pace lower, Rajamäki says.

One problem area was the inability of the midfield to create goals for Puki. Emiliano Buendia and Todd Cantwell were the most important attacking head players in the autumn, along with Puk, but disappeared from the picture like the Finnish striker as the season progressed.

In the autumn, Pukki rotted six goals in the first five Premier League series games.

Photo: Richard Calver / Zuma Wire

Norwich did not grind money in the transfer market. Midfielders Lukas Rupp and Ondrej Duda arrived in the East of England in January, but they did not retaliate for much-needed reinforcements that would have brought intrigue to the game building.

Although the season of the Finnish striker is strongly divided into two different periods, 11 goals is a valid balance in the Premier League, which has been dubbed the toughest football series in the world.

- I have to remember that Pukki was a key player in the success of the season. Whenever Norwich has done well, Pukki has been one of the key players, Rajamäki reminds.

After the corona break, Pukki has not played any full 90 minutes. Rajamäki thinks it is pointless to speculate whether head coach Daniel Farke will have full credit for his first cannon due to the goalless period.

- When Pukki was in the first exchange, the coach justified it well and said that the trust is full. Nothing had changed, but he wished Teemu success by coming in from the exchange and playing against so-called tired legs, for example during the last quarter. When the striker is not hot, it is easier to change than in any other playing field, Rajamäki says.

Teemu Pukki is in a crazy finish in the Huuhkaji European Championship qualifier. He made ten of Finland's 16 hits.

Photo: Mike Kireev / Zuma Wire

- When you don't score goals, you don't necessarily play. I have to remember that this is a Premier League team with other good players. Unnecessary benchmarking is over-analyzed.

The hot question is how to get Pukki back with the same finish he charmed in Finland and England last year.

This is also guaranteed in Huuhkaji, as Pukki was the most important single player in the national team when Finland advanced to the value competitions for the first time in its history. As the tournament moved into the summer of 2021, it would be very important for key players to stay in the same mood as in the qualifiers.

August is a crucial month for Puk. As the season ends and Norwich sweeps into the Championship, there will be hot questions ahead.

Will the club sell a 30-year-old striker? Does Pukki still want to play in a series where he has once won a goal kingdom or still challenge himself in the Premier League or another country's main league?

The goat’s current contract runs until the summer of 2022 and has a one-year option.

According to Rajamäki, staying in Norwich would be a safe solution with certain advantages under certain boundary conditions.

- Norwich's way of working works for Puk. If the material remains roughly the same and the current coach continues, then below the league level, there will be more goals. However, Norwich is the top gang in the Championship, Rajamäki thinks.

- I still have to remember that a lot has to happen before the new season starts, Rajamäki says and refers to the post-season transfer window.