Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, July 13 (Reporter Liu Qu) World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai said on the 13th that in the fight against the new crown epidemic, the government's leadership and comprehensive strategic coordination role should be strengthened to clearly and continuously communicate the anti-epidemic strategy.

  Tan Desai said at the regular press conference that day, the new crown virus is still the "number one public enemy", but the actions of many governments and people do not reflect this, "too many countries are moving in the wrong direction." Leaders of some countries have sent out ambiguous messages about the epidemic, which is weakening trust, the most critical element in efforts to respond to the epidemic.

  He said that if governments of various countries have poor communication with their citizens, they cannot launch comprehensive anti-epidemic strategies to suppress the spread of the virus and save lives, and the public does not abide by basic public health principles such as maintaining social distance, washing hands, wearing masks, and isolating at home. The prevailing situation will only get worse.

  Tan Desai called on leaders, governments, and individuals to do their part to break the virus transmission chain. The focus is on reducing the mortality rate and inhibiting the spread of the virus, inspiring the role of the community and encouraging individual protection measures to enhance the government’s Leadership and overall strategic coordination role, clearly and continuously communicate the anti-epidemic strategy.

  Tan Desai said that the center of the new crown epidemic is still in the Americas. On the 12th, the world's newly confirmed cases reached a record 230,370, of which nearly 80% came from 10 countries, and about half came from the United States and Brazil. He emphasized that no matter where a country is on the epidemic curve, "it is never too late to take decisive action."