Over the weekend, Maria Veitola posted a picture on her Instagram account in which she recalled her experiences from the 90s with Jyrk's test shots. In his publication, Veitola said that he had been asked to show his panties in the test descriptions of the program and that he had been asked inappropriate questions.

After the job interview, Veitola said he was disgraced.

  • Maria Veitola recalls the appalling auditions of the Jyrki program in the 1990s: “I was asked to show my panties”

Now, in the new Instagram photo, Veitola says that he has received an apology from the person involved in Jyrki's trial shooting situation. Veitola says that he talked to the person about his experiences with Jyrki and, among other things, why he only opened up about his treatment.

- The person who was involved in the trial shooting situation of the Jyrki program boldly contacted me after seeing my writing. We talked things through. He heard me and apologized. He admitted his mistake and took full responsibility for what happened. I forgave, Veitola writes.

Marko Kulmala, the producer of Jyrki, who was reached by Ilta-Sanomat over the weekend, said that he intended to pursue Veitola based on his experiences. However, Veitola does not say on Instagram whether Kulmala contacted him.

- I will be in contact with Maria Veitola, and go through this matter with her personally, if it suits her. I have spent the last 16 years on its own initiative approached by several dozen people that I know for offenders and for which I apologized. This work is still going on, Kulmala told Ilta-Sanomat.

The discussion around the Jyrki program began when Helsingin Sanomat published an extensive article over the weekend in which the authors of the program told what happened behind the scenes.

At Instagram, Veitola says he pondered why he didn’t share his own experiences in the program’s auditions with someone right away. He feels it was due to shame.

- Because I was both in shock and ashamed: What is this? Why did this happen to me? Veitola writes on Instagram.

Veitola feels that it would have been almost impossible to tell about it in the past. The person who called him and was part of the Jyrki program's author's team also experienced the same. Now, years later, Veitola talked about it, because he believes that things need to be talked about openly.

- I also think it is important to tell us about the price of the legendary youth program.

However, after sharing his experimental shooting experiences on social media, Veitola received cruel and inappropriate comments and messages.

- Fortunately, times change, but they do not change by themselves. After yesterday's posting, I have heard a bad role model, insanity and attention whore. I have been told to go for treatment, to be quiet and ashamed, Veitola says of the messages he has received.

- Now be careful: whether it is a workplace, a hobby group, a circle of friends or society as a whole, we are each responsible for the prevailing culture of conversation. For example, I choose to speak to make it easier for others to speak. Only by creating an open, safe atmosphere in which even difficult experiences are shared can we learn to recognize bullying, harassment and discrimination, Veitola writes.

Maria Veitola is known as a supporter of open discussion.

Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

Speaking for openness and straightforwardness, Veitola has previously told about the negative messages he has received on social media.

- If we do not talk about harmful ways of being and acting, it is difficult to address and correct the situations themselves and inappropriate, abusive behavior. Remember that indifference is enabling harassment. Silence and side-by-side acceptance of it, Veitola continues.