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The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) has won the regional elections in the Basque Country with 39.12% of the votes and 31x seats, two more than in 2016. The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu thus renews his victory. Eh Bildu repeats as a second force and also improves its results with respect to 2016, with 27.84% of the votes, more than PSOE, Podemos and PP + Cs together, and thus achieves 22 seats.

The PP-Citizens coalition has obtained the worst result in the history of the popular ones . The 5 deputies who will become part of Parliament are 4 fewer than in 2016 and increasingly far from the 19 seats achieved in 2001.

The blow of Podemos has also been notorious. The party has obtained 8.03% of the votes and will have 6 seats, five fewer than in 2016 when it was ranked as the third force.

Finally, Vox has achieved a seat in the Basque Parliament for the province of Álava, the only one in which he also appeared in 2016. If he then obtained 771 votes, the support now rises in the province to 4,722 .

In a electoral day marked by the coronavirus, participation in electoral night has been the lowest since 1994 and falls 9.4 points below the previous regional elections in the region. The final data will be known when the results of the vote of the residents living abroad are obtained.

In Basque localities where there have been new outbreaks of coronavirus, abstention has risen above the average. In Bilbao, a little less than half the census voted, and abstention increased 12.4 points. In Vitoria, participation has not reached 50% either and abstention has risen 11.9. In Ordizia the rise was 9.14. Only in 15 of the 251 localities the participation has been higher than in 2016.

The PNV has been the most voted party in 145 of the 251 municipalities in the Basque Country. Among the municipalities with an electoral census of more than 5,000 residents, Bermeo (Vizcaya) is the place where the Urkullu acronym has obtained the best result: 54.8% of the valid votes.

Eh Bildu has won in 104 municipalities, among which Oiartzun (Guipúzcoa) stands out for its size, where they achieved 61.57% of the votes. Higher is the result for this match in the small town of Orexa (Guipúzcoa). There, 74 of the 89 registered with the right to vote opted for the formation of Maddalen Iriarte, practically 95% of the voters.

The PP + Cs coalition and the PSE have achieved victory in one municipality: Navaridas (Álava) and Ermua (Vizcaya), respectively.

Compared to the 2016 results, at the municipal level the PNV has grown more than 10 points in the municipalities of Yécora, Añana and Elvillar, all of them in the province of Álava. For his part, Eh Bildu, has grown more than 13 points in Lagrán, Zalduondo and Peñacerrada-Urizaharra.

The big losers of these elections, PP and Podemos, have lost support in practically the entire territory. Those of Carlos Iturgaiz have lost 20 points in Zambrana (Álava) compared to 2016 while the biggest drop in Podemos has taken place in Urkabustaiz (Álava).

Vox is the only party that grows in all the territories in which it already had a presence in 2016, when the formation tried its luck in the Álava district, obtaining only 0.5% of support. In the 12-J elections this percentage has risen to 3.8% in the province.

Look for a municipality in the interactive table below to see how much each formation has grown or decreased. You can also order from largest to smallest by clicking on the columns of each match.

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