The prestigious British motorsport site Autosport says, citing its insider sources, that Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes have reached an agreement on the details of next season's comprehensive agreement.

According to Autosport, only a contract without signatures has been tailored in the very last few days. The final blessing for the agreement was given by Ola Kallenius, a Swede leading the entire Mercedes car brand, during her GP visit to Austria.

- We will continue with both boys, Kallenius told Sky's German channel earlier.

The Finnish driver, who threatens self-confidence and hard fitness, will lead the World Championship Championship series after two races with a six-point difference to his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

- Last year, I certainly would not have been able to race at such a good pace. I've gone ahead, Bottas commented Ilta-Sanomat on Sunday after rounds of Styria.

Bottas finished second in the GP when Hamilton won.

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Bottas has said he hopes for quick contract negotiations so he can focus entirely on competing for the first world championship of his career. Now the wish seems to have come true and the driver leading the World Series has one less distraction.

Valtteri Bottas' wish for quick contract negotiations seems to have come true.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma Wire

Bottas would start his fifth year at the wheel of a German car next season. The Finnish driver has had short contracts during all his Mercedes seasons. For several years, he has also been able to excite his next year’s contract well into the rest of the season.

According to Autosport, there is another one-year extension contract on offer, but now Mercedes is ready to commit to Bottas right after the well-run start to the season. After Mercedes finishes negotiations with Bottas, the team can focus next on finalizing Hamilton’s contract for next season.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff was seen over the weekend in a depot covering his entire face with a cap on his head.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Pool / Zuma Press

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff toured the contract issues even after Sunday’s race.

- I'm asked about contracts every week. This year, I do not intend to comment on the unfinished negotiations, but they are ongoing. I don’t know when we’ll report it, Wolff said over the weekend.

Bottas' extension agreement again means closing one possible door in front of Sebastian Vettel, who is leaving Ferrari. Among other things, he has previously been rumored to replace Bottas for Mercedes.