Xinhua News Agency, New York, July 13th: The new crown epidemic statistics released by Johns Hopkins University on the 13th show that as of 16:34 Eastern Time on the 13th (Beijing Time 14:34 on the 14th), the global cumulative The confirmed cases of the new crown reached 13006764, and the cumulative deaths were 570776.

  The data shows that the United States is the most severe country in the world, with a total of 3346246 confirmed cases and 135477 deaths. Brazil has accumulatively diagnosed 1,864,681 cases and accumulatively 72,100 cases of death, both of which are only less than the United States. A total of 878,254 cases were confirmed in India and 732,547 in Russia.

  In addition, Peru, Chile, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Iran, Spain and Pakistan have accumulated more than 250,000 cases.

  These data come from the data of various countries and regions aggregated in real time by the Johns Hopkins University New Coronavirus Research Project.