In June, the healthcare company Werlabs signed a four-week agreement with the Stockholm region on 100,000 antibody tests to be provided to the public free of charge. This is in addition to the regular times of care, when it turned out that the interest was great.

Werlabs, which started the mass testing in Stockholm on June 24, now writes on its website that these 100,000 tests are over. Anyone who wants to do a free antibody test is referred to 1177.

“We are pleased and very proud to have helped the Stockholm region with sampling during the covid-19 pandemic. Given that Werlabs does not have an extension of the agreement with the region in place, the testing operations in the Stockholm region will be kept open until July 20 and thereafter discontinued ” , writes Werlabs CEO Henrik Forsberg in an e-mail to SVT.

The cost for the region has been SEK 550 per antibody test. According to Werlabs, they accounted for 70 percent of Region Stockholm's test capacity and conducted a total of approximately 170,000 antibody tests in Stockholm.

SVT is seeking Region Stockholm for a comment.