Finnish sunglasses fashion is gaining fame in the world. Addison Rae, one of the most watched TikTok stars in the world, has posted a picture of a swimming pool with more than 22 million followers on his Instagram account, on the edge of which he is lying with the glasses of the Turku-based Nopeet sunglasses brand on his head.

According to the listing on the Socialtracker site, Rae is the second most watched TikTok user in the world with 50 million followers. TikTok is a mobile application for sharing short videos with an estimated 800 million active monthly users.

- Last week I got an email from a person named Addison. He said he was a popular character in the tiki jacket and asked if we could send him our products. I thought the ticker was a computer game or something, Ville Wendelin, CEO of High Speed, explains in the company's press release.

After a while, however, the right destination and the person’s background became clear, and the glasses set off.

Glasses are also seen with other tracked, international dress influences.

Two weeks ago, mobile sunglasses in the price range of about 50-70 euros were also spotted on the world's most famous pop star Justin Bieber and more recently on the videos of Youtube star Jake Paul.

- The fact that Justin used our products a couple of weeks ago has clearly increased our reputation in the world and spawned all kinds of interesting contacts, Wendelin says in the press release.

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Nopeet is a sunglasses company founded in 2015. According to the company’s website, the story of the glasses began in 2013 in Cape Town, where Wendelin found mirror-fast “fast” glasses. The glasses arrived in home-Finland as a gift, and they were asked to inquire in a circle of friends and in the city.

Since its founding, Nopeet soon began to adorn the faces of Finnish artists and other celebrities. In 2018, they also ended up on the Instagram account of Vetements, a top French fashion house, for example.