• Treviso, elderly spouses massacred in the backyard: killed in bars
  • Varese, elderly couple killed at home: neighbor stopped, son investigated


July 13, 2020 Twenty-six stab wounds and eleven stick strokes: so on January 7 - according to investigators - at the height of a dispute, 26-year-old Carmen Federica Lopatriello, arrested today by the Police, allegedly killed her 91 grandfather Carlo Antonio Lopatriello. The murder took place in the elderly man's home in Marconia di Pisticci, near Matera.
The woman is also accused of the aggravating circumstance of having acted with cruelty. Family economic issues would be the motive for the murder.

Traces of DNA
Traces of DNA by Carmen Federica Lopatriello, 26 years old, arrested today by the police, were found on the stick with which she would have killed her grandfather.
 Other traces of mixed DNA between the grandfather and the granddaughter were also found on the sweatshirt that the 26 year old wore on the day of the murder. Furthermore, according to the investigators' reconstruction, a few days later, the granddaughter threw a pair of fuchsia shoes near a rest area that she wore in her grandfather's home and that were taken by a video surveillance camera of Carmen's house Federica Lopatriello.

The suspects
The investigators became suspicious because, at their request, the woman delivered all the frames taken by the same camera, except for three - then extrapolated anyway - where the shoes were seen. The same shoes - recovered by the police - had been washed with a detergent: they would be compatible with an imprint formed on the floor with the blood of the elderly. According to what has been learned, no traces of other people's DNA, other than those of the grandfather and granddaughter, would have been found in the house, who has always denied the circumstances presented to her by the Police.

For about five years, Carmen Federica Lopatriello cared for her grandfather Carlo Antonio Lopatriello, took care of the elderly man's home and managed his pension: these are some of the elements that investigators have analyzed during the investigations that today led to the arrested of the 26 year old for the murder of the 91 year old.

The police - who in recent months have listened to over 70 people - have come to the conclusion that the woman would have acted in "overkilling", at the height of a dispute probably started for questions not only economic but also related to the life of the 26 year old.

It was she who raised the alarm.
It was the woman on January 7 last who informed the police, worried because her grandfather had not answered the phone. Carmen Federica Lopatriello lives with her mother and a brother and had become one of the owners of property owned by her grandfather, including the house where the murder took place and of which the elderly man maintained the usufruct.