• Egypt, Amnesty: "Zaki has been in prison in Egypt for 157 days without being able to defend himself"
  • Zaki remains in prison, Amnesty International's complaint
  • Zaki: "I want to get my books back and the freedom to use the bathroom"
  • Zaki's lawyer: "It is psychologically destroyed". And he asks for a medical report for torture


July 13, 2020: The Egyptian court ordered the renewal of the 45-day detention of Patrick George Zaky, the student of the University of Bologna detained in Egypt since February on charges of subversive propaganda. This is reported by the network of activists who, in contact with Zaky's lawyers, are on the front line to ask for his release.

Amnesty: "Inhuman decision, we will not forget it"
"We had really hoped for a different outcome, but the news coming from Cairo is further shocking," comments Amnesty International Italy spokesman Riccardo Noury. An "inhuman, arbitrary decision that turns Patrick over to Tora prison for a long time in which the Egyptian authorities imagine that we will forget his fate. They are wrong, that's for sure".