13 July 2020 Prolonging the state of emergency for the fight against coronavirus on 31 October instead of 31 December: this is the hypothesis on which the Government would be reflecting and which could be being examined by the CDM in the next few days.

"The extension of the state of emergency following Covid-19 does not limit the individual freedom of people but allows for greater protection by the state": said the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Francesco Boccia, meeting the journalists on the occasion of the visit to Umbria and the meeting with the president of the Donatella Tesei Region. "I didn't think I should reiterate it," he stressed. "The emergency also means allowing Regions and healthcare to have attention and resources," he added. 

On Tuesday, Parliament will vote on Hope communications on the new Dpcm for expiring measures.

The restrictions contained in the latest dpcm should be extended to 31 July. The measure of the Health Ministry will thus keep active until the end of the month the measures contained in the Dpcm of 11 June. 

The doors of discos, fairs and conferences are still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic: for the opening they will have to wait again, at least until July 31st. Until the same date, gatherings will also be prohibited and it will be mandatory to wear the mask in closed places accessible to the public.

In essence, July 31 is the new deadline to which all the restrictive measures contained in the Dpcm of June 11 can be extended. The proposal, according to sources from the Ministry of Health, is contained in the new Dpcm that Minister Roberto Speranza is preparing to present on Tuesday 14 July, the day on which the measures passed on 11 June will expire.

The Dpcm that Speranza is preparing to present on Tuesday could contain confirmation of the ordinances adopted by the same minister regarding the ban on entry for those who have stayed in the last 14 days in the 13 countries that are below the minimum safety coefficients relating to the percentage of incidence and the coefficient of resilience, that is, the ability of the health system to withstand a sudden emergency like that of the pandemic. It is not known, however, so far, whether the list may undergo some changes since the latest assessments are underway on the countries to be added or removed.

With regard to the measures on the ban on entry, as far as we learn, the new Dpcm could also provide for the possibility of immediate repatriation. In general, the measures contained in the document that Speranza is preparing to present extend all measures envisaged by the Presidential Decree of 11 June until 31 July. In practice, therefore, the opening of discotheques, fairs and conferences is postponed and events that involve gatherings in closed spaces or in the open air continue to be suspended when it is not possible to ensure compliance with the safety conditions.

Even in places of worship, measures must be taken to avoid gatherings. Cinemas, theaters and auditoriums will continue to have pre-assigned and spaced seats, respecting the distance of at least one meter (with the exception of cohabitants) and with a maximum of one thousand spectators for outdoor performances and 200 indoors.

Also until 31 July, the safety protocols will remain in force as a condition for the opening of production and commercial activities, ensuring that the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is respected, that the entrances take place in a delayed manner and that it is prevented from stopping in the most of the time needed to purchase the goods.

The obligation also continues throughout Italy to wear the mask in closed places accessible to the public, including means of transport and on all occasions where it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of the safety distance. Furthermore, the application of the penal sanction for those who violate the mandatory quarantine remains valid. A measure, this, judged by the ministry to be indispensable in this phase of increase in import infections.

Children are allowed to play outdoors, provided that they are safe, and motor and sports activities are permitted outdoors and in gyms, respecting the safety distance of at least two meters. Finally, bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream shops and patisseries can continue to carry out their activities provided that the regions and autonomous provinces of reference have ascertained their compatibility with the trend of the epidemiological situation.