<Oh! Click> The second search term is'Scream Prohibited Roller Coaster'.

It is an amusement park in Japan.

Two men were wearing masks and riding on a roller coaster.

It is going up in a calm state.

The roller coaster that climbed to the highest point starts to drop at a speed of 180 km per hour in an instant.

However, these two people remain almost silent and remain silent with a stern look.

It's not like a roller coaster, it's like you're sitting in an office chair.

These two masked people were actually the management of the amusement park.

And these videos were taken to promote the theme park association's guidelines not to scream when riding on rides to prevent the spread of Corona19.

This scream ban is not mandatory, but it is said that most theme parks in Japan follow.

However, regular visitors complain that the guidelines are too strict.

Domestic netizens say, "This is not a torture~ lol. Just close the amusement park!" "What a stern look that seems to be completely scared?" It showed back reaction.

(Source: YouTube Fuji-Q Highland Official)