• Results: Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country
  • Popular: Feijóo's success and Iturgaiz's failure add pressure to Pablo Casado
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The overwhelming victory of Alberto Núñez Feijóo brings back to the fore the internal debate that is taking place in the PP on the direction and tone that the party should take. The Galician 'popular' baron achieved his fourth absolute majority last night, while Pablo Casado's personal commitment to Carlos Iturgaiz did not finish flying and could only maintain the worst expectations: five seats.

The temporary coincidence of both results increases the pressure on the PP's national president. Those who believe that they should look more towards the center have two strong arguments in the Galician and Basque elections to intensify their requests to Genoa. This is the case of Feijóo, of course, but also of two other barons with a "moderate" or "centrist" profile: Juanma Moreno, President of Andalusia, and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, President of Castilla y León.

Both have issued messages pushing towards the center. Mañueco has assured that in Galicia "centrality wins" and has agreed that "in the Basque Country we have to continue working to recover the centered vote". Also on Twitter, Moreno has highlighted "balance and moderation" as reasons that have increased Feijóo to its fourth majority: "Galicia wins with Feijóo. His experience, balance and moderation are the best ally to confidently face a demanding future."

In Genoa they do not acknowledge receipt of this message, but they do acknowledge that "the votes have gone to the PNV", for the most part. Teodoro García Egea assured last night that his party has already turned to the center in the Basque Country, by joining forces with Ciudadanos, "a party that calls itself centrist." "If anyone has looked at the center it has been the PP. Those messages from the PP barons, our colleagues, are perfectly compatible and aligned" with those of the national leadership, he stressed, at a press conference in which he did not self-criticize the Basque result.

But García Egea did wink at those who ask for a more focused tone: "We have to consider an alternative in a moderate and focused option. Represent the majority of Basques. That is the reflection we make." In his opinion, "it is a good night for the PP and a bad night for Sánchez", because it was shown that "the Casado-Feijóo model has imposed itself on the Sánchez-Iglesias model", and that "feeding Bildu and extremism" as, in his opinion, the PSOE has done, "is resulting in the polarization of Basque society".

The Deputy Secretary General for Territorial Policy of the PP, Antonio González Terol, denied this Monday the greatest: the "tone" of the PP has always been the same and has allowed "to build large governments" to "try to improve the lives of citizens", has said. And Pablo Montesinos, deputy secretary of Communication, stressed in Telecinco that the Galician model is the one they want to "implement" at the national level.

Another of the five barons of the PP, Fernando López Miras, congratulated Feijóo last night, but with more emphasis on the PP brand. "By choosing the PP, Galicia chooses management, fulfilled commitments and, above all, the future." Meanwhile, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, did not post a message.

It coincides that they are the two Autonomous Presidents closest to Pablo Casado. However, for the moderate wing, it is undeniable that the result of Feijóo "is the endorsement of a way of doing things", as summarized by another regional PP leader.

Among the 'popular' closest to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, who already have very little prominence in the party, "storm surge" is predicted this week, since they blame the result on the defenestration of Alfonso Alonso. "Like more or less, he knew that well, that's why he looked more at the PNV and less at Vox," sources in this sector point out. "The strategy has been wrong," they summarize.

In any case, neither in Genoa, nor in the baronies, nor among the Sorayistas, it is feasible for Feijóo to make the leap to Madrid, today, without an electoral horizon and before a married man who rises in the polls. The Galician president said last night: "I was not mistaken when betting on Galicia". And he added: "I am going to dedicate myself to Galicia with more zeal, determination and desire than in the first, second and third legislatures. I owe myself to this trust achieved."

On the other side, the president of the Basque PP, Amaya Fernández, has 'reappeared' to ask Genoa not to undertake "a flight forward as if it had not happened" the failure of Iturgaiz. In this sense, she has contrasted Feijóo as "an example for all that a project of moderation and centrality, attached to the uniqueness of Galicia, is what truly unites the center-right and becomes the best antidote against nationalisms."

Speaking to Europa Press, Fernández stressed that the majority of the Basque Country that "believes in moderation, understanding and useful politics, can once again empathize with the Basque PP and the constitutional alternative." The "flags must be rootedness, centrality and utility, and raised by human teams that make them credible," he concluded.

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Elections Feijóo's success and Iturgaiz's failure add pressure to Pablo Casado

Elections Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country

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