<Oh! Click> Time.

Still, serious destruction of the Amazon rainforest has become more serious in recent years.

It is said to be much more than last year.

<Oh! Click> The first search term is'Amazon destroyed 5 times as much as Seoul.'

The Amazon rainforest disappeared all at once due to deforestation.

I could also see the terrible appearance of black ashes from forest fires.

According to the Brazilian National Space Research Association, in the first half of this year, the Amazon rainforest destruction area was 369 km2, 25% higher than the same period last year.

This is 5 times the area of ​​Seoul and the largest area since 2015 when satellite data was collected.

Unauthorized logging and forest fires are mainly carried out to create agricultural land or pastures for raising livestock and illegal mine development.

Despite the continued pressure from the international community, it is predicted that destruction will continue to be more serious as the current Brazilian government has given priority to development.

The netizens said, "Soon there will be a day when I regret seeking forgiveness from nature." "It's time for the world to care and protect together!!"