China News Service, Beijing, July 13th (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) The 2020 college entrance examination that netizens called "born in SARS and admitted to the new crown" has ended. Data from the number of outpatient clinics in the Department of Refractive Surgery in domestic hospitals show that the first day after the college entrance examination The number of outpatient clinics in the Department of Refraction has doubled over the same period last year, setting off the first wave of myopia surgery.

  According to data released by the National Health and Health Commission, the results of our country’s child and adolescent myopia survey show that the overall rate of myopia among children and adolescents nationwide is 53.6% and 81.0% for high school students. This also means that many candidates will not be able to choose their preferred major or occupation due to myopia.

  Professor Wang Zheng, the leading drafter of the current "Quality Control of Excimer Laser Corneal Refractive Surgery" industry standard issued by the Ministry of Health, an expert of the State Council Special Allowance, and the leader of the Department of Ophthalmic Refractive Surgery, said that myopia is irreversible. It is the only corrective method for removing the lens.

  "The number of outpatient clinics surged on the first day after the test this year, and it has doubled compared with the same period last year. In the past years, the demand for myopia surgery for college entrance examination candidates will be digested during the winter vacation, and this year because of the epidemic, all surgical needs are concentrated in the summer. In addition, the summer this year is relatively short, so there is a blowout situation in the outpatient department of refractive surgery." Professor Fang Xuejun, a doctoral tutor at the Ayr School of Ophthalmology at Central South University and deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial District of the Aier Eye Hospital Group, revealed.

  Professor Wang Zheng emphasized that people with high myopia and insufficient corneal thickness are not recommended for corneal laser surgery, so they must go to a professional ophthalmic medical institution for strict preoperative examination. Candidates and parents are advised to plan early, because surgery is not available to everyone, nor is it always possible. First confirm whether you can perform myopia surgery, or provide a reference for filling in the voluntary and professional choices.

  Professor Fang Xuejun said that myopic patients often ask which operation is the best? He believes that dressing needs to be tailored, and myopia surgery requires more eye customization. The application scope, effect characteristics and postoperative advantages of various myopia correction methods are different, such as the main carving "deformation of carved carving, only one day" The operation recovers quickly and the visual quality is excellent; SMILE myopia surgery is minimally invasive and valveless...Everyone's eyes are unique, there is no best surgery, only the most suitable. (Finish)