Abe Cabinet 36% No 45% NHK Public Opinion Survey 13th July 19:00

According to an NHK poll, 36% of the respondents said they "support" the Abe Cabinet, the same as last month, while 45% said they did not "support" 4%. ..

From the 10th of this month, NHK will conduct a poll for 3 days starting from this month by a method called "RDD", which calls a fixed telephone number and a mobile telephone number randomly generated by a computer for 18 years old or older. The number of respondents surveyed was 2,268 (56%, or 1268).

According to this, 36% of respondents said they would support the Abe Cabinet, the same as last month's survey, while 45% said they would not support it, a decrease of 4 points.

As for the reasons for supporting the Cabinet, 53% answered that "it seems to be better than other cabinets" and 17% said that "because it is the cabinet of a political party that supports it." On the other hand, the reasons for not supporting it are as follows: “Because the personality is unreliable” is 40% and “Because the policy cannot be expected” is 27%.

Regarding the government's response to the new coronavirus so far, "highly evaluated" was 5%, "somewhat evaluated" was 45%, "not very evaluated" was 35%, and "not evaluated at all" was 10%. ..

When asked how much they were concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was 48% "I feel a lot", 42% "I feel a little", and "I don't feel much". 5%, "I don't feel at all" was 2%.

The number of new infections per day in Tokyo is the highest so far, and the number of confirmed infections is increasing nationwide. When asked whether the country should issue an emergency declaration again to prevent the second wave of the spread of infection, 48% of respondents should say "should," and 34% answered "not necessary."

The government has relaxed the restrictions on holding events from the 10th of this month, and professional baseball and other players are playing games with an audience. When asked about the timing of the easing, 23% were “appropriate timing”, 59% were “too early”, and 8% were “too late”.

When asked whether they should have "enemy base attack capability" that can directly attack enemy missile bases, etc., 40% said they should have it and 42% said they should not.

When asked about when to think about the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election with three options, 19% of the respondents answered “within the year”, 18% of “the first half of next year”, and “whether the term of office expired in October next year”. 50% of the time was near.