China News Service, July 14 (BBC), a Ryanair flight from Krakow, Poland to Dublin, Ireland, was forced to land at Stansted Airport in London, England due to a bomb threat. The flight has been safely evacuated and the police are checking the passenger plane.

  It was reported that after a piece of paper claiming to have explosives on board was found in the toilet of the passenger plane, the flight was transferred to Stansted Airport at around 18:40 local time, and two Royal Air Force typhoon fighters escorted the passenger plane to land.

  Ryanair said in a statement that the captain informed the British authorities in accordance with the procedure that the flight was transferred to the nearest airport where passenger aircraft could land. The passenger plane taxied to a remote location, and the passengers then evacuated safely.

  The statement said that the British police are conducting inspections on the aircraft and passengers, and they will decide when passengers will be able to take a backup flight to Dublin.

  The Essex police said that at present, all passengers have been safely removed from the aircraft, and the aircraft is still parked in a remote area of ​​Stansted Airport. The investigation is still ongoing.