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opposition parties went side by side asking for clarification. In particular, the United Nations party voiced that it should reveal the truth of the allegations that the police investigation was immediately delivered to Mayor Park.

Reporter Jung Yoon-sik will deliver this news.

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leader of the Unification Party has voiced that since the conclusion of the ceremony, it is a time of truth, not mourning.

[Gimjongin / future emergency Chairperson per integration: the funeral is over once I can not have put his problems to the victim to not to mention]

in relation to the complainant allegations, especially dwaetdaneun and the police situation forwarded to the Park Won-soon market, reported to top He claimed that there was a trace of the investigation and that the truth should be identified.

[Juhoyoung / future integration Majority Leader Per: I'll to it We have Observe thoroughly because it is true, then not only is officially secret leakage Toka evidence destruction teacher to cover a crime like this can be several criminal issues -

integration party parliamentary dimension Is seeking omnidirectional responses.

On the 20th, during the personnel hearing hearing of the Commissioner of the National Police Agency, whether to disclose the investigation to the candidate Kim Chang-ryong, the allegations that the complainant asked for help in the city of Seoul, but was dismissed, is planning to call the officials of the city to a standing committee.

In addition, he said he would also judge whether it was okay to have Mayor Park's ceremony for five days as the mayor of Seoul.

The Justice Party also urged the police to "do not urgently conclude the investigation that there is no right to prosecution, but to reveal the police's position based on the existing investigations."

A media reported to the mayor that Park was the Blue House, who informed Mayor Park of the investigation, and the Blue House countered that it was a "real fact."

An official at the Blue House denied that "the police have been informed of the alleged sexual harassment charges, but there has been no report to Mayor Park."

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)