Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 13th: I wear a pair of glasses every day, and I have to change a pair when reading at close range. Frequently taking off and replacing glasses makes the patients with "myopia plus presbyopia" uncomfortable but helpless. Experts said that, in fact, presbyopia can also be corrected by lens removal surgery.

  Presbyopia, also known as presbyopia, is a physiological phenomenon. As we age, the lens of the eye gradually hardens and thickens, and the ability to adjust the eye muscles also decreases, resulting in reduced zooming ability, so objects at close range will become blurred. Due to lack of cognition, the number of hundreds of millions of presbyopia patients and the number of corrections are seriously unequal.

  "Unlike myopia or cataracts, presbyopia patients usually do not take the initiative to seek medical attention and conduct professional ophthalmology examinations. They generally choose not to wear or wear presbyopia glasses at will. If they do not undergo prescribing optometry, they will buy presbyopia lenses themselves." China Medical Association Professor Wang Zheng, deputy director of the Refractive Surgery Committee of the Ophthalmologists' Branch and doctoral student at the Eye School of Ophthalmology of Central South University, said that the wrong way of coping will make the eyes fatigue for a long time and may lead to accelerated aging of crystals.

  Wang Zheng said that presbyopia patients generally think that presbyopia can not be cured without treatment, and that the lack of correct recognition that they can obtain visual quality improvement through active surgical intervention is the biggest challenge to improve the visual health of presbyopia patients.

  Zhou Jin, a member of the Sichuan Ophthalmology Committee, believes that although the near vision effect of wearing reading glasses will be improved to some extent, changes in the higher-order aberrations of the presbyopic patients' own lenses will inevitably cause lens function decline and visual quality decline. The reading glasses cannot be solved.

  The surgical correction of presbyopia is considered by the ophthalmology community to be one of the most difficult problems to overcome. "The lens replacement surgery carried out at this stage can not only help patients correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, but also avoid cataracts." said Zhang Jinsong, a standing member of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association and Aier Eye Hospital Group, because of cataract The cause is turbidity of the lens. The surgery replaces the natural lens with an intraocular lens, and cataracts will no longer form.