A video clip filmed by the star of a children's channel in Israel, showing Arab children as if they were "animals", sparked widespread reactions within Palestinian society.

The video shows the head of the family stopping his car with two Palestinian Bedouin children in the Negev desert inside the Green Line, and asking his children by car who among you wants to feed a Bedouin, then throwing biscuits to the two children while the father continues to taunt them, and the wife receives a very small amount for the two children.

It was later revealed that the star of the children's channel, called Ro'i Oz, (called "Roy Boy"), was the one who filmed the video, according to the Hebrew newspaper "Maariv".

The video spread on the "Tik Tok" network and caused a sensation in Israel.

Oz, through his Instagram account, apologized for filming the video, which he said dates back to five years ago, during a family trip with his children and wife.

For his part, Fayez Abu Ishaiban, mayor of the Palestinian city of Rahat (north of the Negev), said that an apology for Oz is unacceptable, adding, "He treated children helpless as if they were apes."

The mayor of Rahat added: He apologized when his order was revealed. He is from photos and publishing the video. He is a racist person who is not worthy of educating children or even standing on stage in front of them.

For its part, Palestinian Heba Yazbek, an Israeli parliament member (Knesset), said in a tweet on Twitter that "racism kills", considering that the video is a result of the racist and repressive policies prevailing here (in Israel). "It is unfortunate that whole generations have been brought up in hatred and transcendence, and now they are teaching their children to act inhumanely."

On the other hand, the Hebrew newspaper "Israel Today" quoted Ayman Awda, the head of the joint list (the Alliance of Four Palestinian Parties) as saying, "Arab citizens in the Negev are here before this racism and will remain here long after."

The Palestinian Yusuf Jabareen, the Knesset member and head of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, announced that an emergency session of the committee will be held on Monday, to discuss this "racist incident".

"This video reveals the way many people think about Arab citizens (...) something disgusting," Jabareen said, according to the same source.

In the Negev, there are dozens of Palestinian Bedouin villages that are not recognized by Israeli governments, and are therefore not connected to water, electricity, and transportation networks, and the occupation government does not provide any services to its residents.

Many Bedouin residents also face demolition orders for their homes due to the unlicensed construction.