Ex-mountain eagle Toni Nieminen has published a joint photo with his ex-wife Heidi and children. In the picture, the whole crew poses happily in the barbecue house.

- The little rain was not allowed to disturb when the whole group was gathered for a long time. We went on a little evening trip to the park and ate our stomachs full, Nieminen writes in the caption.

Nieminen has written “the whole gang in size” as the subject tag of the picture.

Nieminen divorced quite a quarrel with his loved one Heidi in December. The divorce process was colored by the fact that after the divorce, Toni moved in with her new loved one. At the beginning of the year, Toni admitted to Ilta-Sanomat that she had met Ansku from Oulu, but emphasized that a new female friend was not the reason for the couple's separation.

Heidi and Toni have two children in common: a son born in 2017 and a daughter born in the summer of 2019.

Toni tells Ilta-Sanomat that she is on good terms with Heidi today. However, he argues that this is not about coming together.

- Heidi came to take care of the children, and we went grilling with the children. That's it, Nieminen, who enjoys being a single, comments strongly.

According to Nieminen, who moved to Vihti, they have only recently started spending time with children with Heidi. According to Nieminen, the disputes have been resolved.

- Everything that has happened has already been done and forgotten. We are still divorced, but because of the children we organize things together, Nieminen comments.

At the beginning of May, the relationship between Toni Nieminen and Ansku from Oulu came to an abrupt end.

- I've made a couple of mistakes in relations with often, but now I can say that this (difference) came to myself right in the bushes. That's why it bumps down sharply, Nieminen commented on the difference at the time.

The fresh difference no longer digs into Toni's mind.

- I don't want to eat the past. Now is the time to focus on your own life and children, says the good-natured Nieminen.

The relationship between Toni Nieminen and the beloved Ansku recently ended in divorce.

Photo: Toni Nieminen's home album

Nieminen was left homeless before mid-May when he divorced Ansku. Nieminen, who worked as a housing retailer for the past few years, kept a hut in Ansku's apartment in Oulu until the beginning of 2020, and before that with Heidi in the same city. The Lahti-based ex-jumper finally found a roof over his head in the home of ex-alpine skiing star Sami Uotila in Vihti.

- I'm grateful that I have a summer job again, still in Oulu. I received agreed with the housing market leadership, that I am now on holiday in the summer of them work in Vihti, and then look at my situation again later, Nieminen told the IS in June.

He also got a summer wash from PuuhaPark in Vihti.

- Now, at the outset, I will try to help here in everything I can to get the framework in order in good time. Since opening day, also I have a kind of "universal man jantunen", ie do everything possible - when the aid measures in different locations, when host guests, Nieminen described.

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Tony and Heidi have two children in common. In addition, Toni has two children from his previous alliance, as does Heidi.