China News Service, July 13th, according to the "Central News Agency" reported that on the 12th, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization pointed out in a report that the radar system of the Iranian air defense forces deviated, and "human error" caused the Ukrainian passenger plane to be accidentally shot down on January 8. .

  The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization refers to this report as a "fact report" rather than the final report of the investigation. Allegedly, the report showed that human errors caused by radar calibration procedures caused errors and caused a "107 degree deviation" in the radar system. This error "triggered a series of accidents" and caused further errors within a few minutes before the plane was shot down.

  The report pointed out that the poor communication between the defensive device operator and the command center resulted in the passenger plane being misidentified and locked, and then attacked shortly after takeoff. The missile operator fired twice without a response from the chief.

  On January 8, 2020, a Boeing 737-800 airliner of Ukrainian International Airlines crashed near Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. None of the 167 passengers and 9 crew members survived.

  The Iranian military then admitted to shooting down Ukrainian passenger planes due to mistakes. The crash occurred a few hours after Iran attacked the US military base in Iraq. Iran was then expecting the United States to launch a new attack, so the air defense system was in a state of readiness. In early January, U.S.-Iranian relations deteriorated sharply as a result of a high-level Iranian commander Sulaymani killed by a U.S. military drone.