Marko Heikkilä's sister, former model and presenter and current priest and Marttaliitto's executive director Marianne Heikkilä confirms to Ilta-Sanomat that the little brother's cause of death was a sudden stroke.

- Marko had a complete sudden stroke on Midsummer's Eve. We received a message from his long-term unmarried partner, Arja Korhonen, that Marko has been taken to hospital. That was the beginning of the three-day escort treatment, Marianne Heikkilä repeated excitedly.

- Before starting the dissolution treatment, I got the last words exchanged with Marko on Midsummer's Eve around 4 p.m. Marko's voice was calm but tired. I got to say to him, “I love you, brother”. Those were my last words to her, Marianne continued with tears in her eyes.

Marianne said the studies revealed that Marko's stroke was very massive in scope.

- When Marko was anesthetized and connected to a ventilator and when attempts were made to resolve blockages, it caused additional blockages. Marko's brain seemed to fade away.

The heart attack was so sudden that, for example, the parents, Roswitha Möhring (formerly Turtiainen, formerly Heikkilä, formerly Lindholm), a former model living in Lieksa and modeling director, and Markku Heikkilä, living in Tampere, did not have time to see their son consciously and say goodbye.

- When I was in the hospital, we were able to sing hymns to Mark and bless him with a video call, Marianne says.

Marko was missed by cohabiting spouse Arja Korhonen and sons from the previous relationship with Veronica Rossi Nicolas, 18, and Casimir, 14.

Marko was blessed to rest in the grave at Hietaniemi Cemetery on Saturday. The blessing was her sister Marianne.

- I wanted to do my brother one last service. Yes, I will never again bless anyone close to the last trip, Heikkilä described.

A beautiful commemorative event was held in Hotel Kalastajatorppa, where e.g. opera singer, bassist Heikki Orama sang and opera singer Taru Valjakka's daughter Päivi Valjakka played the violin.

Marianne Heikkilä says that she had close and warm distances with her little brother, although she described Marko as a bit hermit.

- There were sometimes storms in his life, and we close ones tried to support and help. It was only with his cohabiting spouse Arja that he finally found peace and true love.

Marianne said that Marko created his career in the field of marketing and advertising in various positions. He worked in the printing and public relations side, among other things.

- For the last few years, he switched to the real estate industry.

Marianne Heikkilä hopes that everyone understands the value of time. That time is not eternal. That those close to us should be cared for and cared for here and now, because tomorrow may already be too late.

- Just before Midsummer, we were already planning next week's events. Everything had to be fine! Marianne Heikkilä sighed agitated.