Comments by Lebanese journalist Nishan Derharoutyounian about his criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the conversion of the Hagia Sophia to a mosque caused a sensation that caused him to be brought to trial.

Nishan had described in his program on Al-Jadid channel President Erdogan “malignant”, and one of the followers responded by commenting, “Nishan refugee describes Erdogan as malicious”, which provoked his provocation and anger, exceeding that saying “the son of a million malicious he, the Ottomans and the Turks.”

He also wrote on his Twitter account, "I also condemned the conversion of the Seville and Cordoba mosques to churches today. My voice embraces millions of voices condemning the conversion of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral to a mosque."

"Attacking the sanctities of mosques and churches is condemned, and converting the Hagia Sophia Church to a mosque will not make you a successor to the believers," he added, following up on "a sly grandfather."

Nishan's statements prompted the Lebanese lawyer, Muhammad Ziyad Jaafil, to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor who is discriminatory against the journalist, Nishan, against the background of his statements, saying that they "constitute abuses of a friendly country (Turkey) and raise sectarian strife."

"If I entered the prison there is no difference, we live in a big prison and we will move to a small prison, with the difference that I will be paying the price of my convictions," Nishan was quoted as saying in the "Time of Time" program.

Comments varied on his tweet, as singers attacked him as interfering in the affairs of another country, and considered him a "vicious attack because of his Armenian veins."

On the other hand, artists and activists have broadly expressed solidarity with Nishan and against his investigation against his background in any context, even if many disagree with him.

Activists launched a hashtag (#_SolidaritywithNeshan) to show solidarity with Nishan and his freedom to express his opinion without trial, in exchange for the tag "# Armeniankhbeth" in attacking Nishan and rejected his talk about the Turks.

I also denounced the conversion of the Seville and Cordoba mosques to churches.
Today , my voice embraces millions of voices condemning the conversion of the #Aya_Sofia Cathedral to a mosque.
The attack on the sanctities of mosques and churches is condemned.
Converting the Hagia Sophia Church to a mosque will not make you a successor to the believers.

- Nishan (@Neshan) July 10, 2020

The Maronites fled the Byzantines and took refuge in Lebanon. The Shiites migrated from Keserwan and took refuge in the south and the Bekaa after the oppression of the Mamluks and the Ottomans. We are all part of our history refugees and displaced persons. Arabic is better than you.

- Dima Dima Sadiq (@DimaSadek) June 11, 2020

With respect to the Public Prosecution ... !!
The claim on # Nishan is provocative and
flawed! @ Neshan


All solidarity, respect and love for the dear friend # Nishan Nishan
will only be free without intimidation and
reject the discretionary decisions to eliminate unjust demand

- Paula Yaacoubian (@PaulaYacoubian) July 10, 2020

In contrast, Nishan's Tweeters attacked these tweets:

The hatred of the Armenians against Islam and Muslims is steeped in history, no matter how you visit history, it will not make you a nation, nor will you own a history. # Ayasofia_jamaa_a_city

- Belkis Sharif 💎 belkais charif (@belkaischarif) July 11, 2020

By God, no one but you, the wicked Heidi, is an indication of the church's purchase of Christians from the Sultan's private money and the abandonment of it to the endowments

- Fouad Nseif (@fouadnseif) July 10, 2020

Your moral filth will not make you a well-known media. Rather, on the contrary, it will put you in your true size after the court determined you on the day of the trial to try you on that filth, know your size and clean your abominable heart.

- Eng.Mustafa5 (@ Mustafa5Eng) July 12, 2020