Summer and berries - a great working couple after a long winter and spring. It is wonderful that nature gives us the best and the berries can be picked from the nearby forest, or even from our own yard. The forests are currently filled with ripe blueberries, so it is worth collecting them.

You can make wonderful pastries from summer berries, but you can also use them for a variety of juices and juice soups. If you have already made juice from a new berry crop, use it for this juice soup recipe.

You can also use last year’s juices, or right and take advantage of the store’s selection of juices to make juice soup.

All you need for the recipe is juice and potato flour to magnify the juice. This way you can easily get your own Juice Soups and make them taste exactly the way you want. This recipe is perfect for making in cottage conditions because it is made quickly and with just a couple of ingredients.

When using potato flour, it is worth remembering that the mixture should not be boiled to keep the composition of the juice soup good. The juice used must be slightly stronger than the juice to be drunk. This way, the juice soup has a nice taste and sweetness.

Of course, if you want, you can also add fresh berries to the juice soup, but I often just use the juice soup as such and add fresh berries to the portion according to the current harvest season. Outside the harvest season, frozen berries can be added to the juice soup if desired.

Juice soup is a great way to take advantage of summer berries.

Photo: Taru Vihavainen

Easy juice soup of two substances

  • 12 dl berry juice

  • 3 tablespoons potato flour

Measure berry juice and potato flour stronger than the potable juice into the pot.

Heat the mixture all the time with a whisk, stirring until the mixture becomes thicker and bursts. The mixture is not boiled, but the boiler is moved off the stove after boiling.

You can use the juice soup warm right away, but it tastes cool with unflavoured yoghurt or warm porridge, for example.

Photo: Tuomas Vihavainen

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