Kimmo Kinnunen, who celebrated the World Javelin Throw Championship in Tokyo in 1991, threw a score of 49.84 in Vilppula in 1978 at the age of ten, which the 10-year-olds have not pulled beyond since. Not before Sunday and the race in Alavieska.

Jere Murto, who soon turns 11 years old and represents Alavieska Viri, crossed the ghost line for ten-year-olds, from which world champion Kinnunen was 16 cents 42 years ago.

Fraction threw a 400-gram spear to read 50.99, thus passing Kinnunen’s ME result into history books. The break became the first 10-year-old boy in the world to cross the 50-meter limit in javelin throwing.

The Sports Association told about the ghost throw on its website.