Invited Sunday morning of Europe 1, a few hours from a visit by the Prime Minister to Guyana, David Riché, the president of the Association of mayors of this territory of South America, wanted to alert on the situation health while the coronavirus epidemic has not yet reached its peak in the region. 


Prime Minister Jean Castex is expected mid-morning in Guyana, still placed in the red zone because of the coronavirus epidemic. The head of government has however already dismissed the hypothesis of a strict reconfiguration of this territory of South America, which was mentioned a few weeks ago. "The figures, it seems, are decreasing. I am not sure. We are at our 26th death and we are approaching 6,000 cases", points to the microphone of Europe 1 David Riché, the president of the Association of the mayors of Guyana, which had requested by post, at the beginning of June, a reconfinement.

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"I welcome the Prime Minister's coming since he comes accompanied by the Minister of Health and the new Minister of Overseas," continues this elected official. "I believe that it is a strong signal that he is showing us, but beyond the symbol, we expect strong acts, both in health matters and in the face of structural backwardness, which the Prime Minister himself recognizes", warns David Riché.

"Sanitary, Guyana is the third world"

"We feel abandoned," said the mayor. "Sanitary, Guyana is the third world," he warns. "The elected officials of Guyana […] will give the Prime Minister a motion to demand, also signed by a union, because we feel that we do not have all the answers to our needs. We demand a massive screening of the population, we ask for additional beds in intensive care, FFP2 masks that our hospital carers do not even have, "deplores this mayor. "The strategy of the state was to wait for the wave to pass in France before bringing reinforcements to Guyana. Our caregivers still do not have masks," he said. "I hope the Prime Minister can move the lines."