What is a good domestic trip made, many are wondering this summer. It is hardly possible to go abroad when the lion's share of flights has been canceled and, in the worst case, he would be quarantined both at the resort and at home.

Domestic teasing, but where to go? Well-known travel bloggers share their own tips on what to consider when traveling at home and what you can save.

Anna-Katri Räihä, who likes the Adalmina's Adventures travel blog and is known for the Jetlagissa podcast, reminds us that there are also world-class tourist destinations in Finland.

He recommends the numerous manors in Finland and the Saimaa ringed seal and Kuhmo bear safaris, which are similar in quality to African safaris.

Of the city destinations, the ever-wonderful Turku rises above the others.

Turku Castle is a castle founded in Turku at the mouth of the Aura River at the end of the 13th century.

Photo: Jussi Nukari

Räihä has recently toured Eastern Finland, he set off before Midsummer. Among other things, he spent the night in the idyllic Terti manor in Mikkeli and was interviewed about the Punkaharju national landscape, from where he travels to Imatra and Porvoo and from there to his home in Helsinki. In late summer, Räihä still travels around Western Finland.

The destinations are largely selected according to the accommodation.

- And abroad as often attracted to nature destinations and adventure experiences in Finland, but now I'm traveling with my dog, and I've been looking for beautiful and personal lodging, close to nature, Räihä says.

Finland may seem familiar and non-exotic, but according to Räihä, new and impressive experiences can be found in Finland with a little effort. In addition to the safaris mentioned earlier, Finland offers many functional experiences, such as rafting.

Räihä says that he does not calculate every euro exactly when he travels, but even simple tips can save a long penny in Finnish tourism.

The Punkaharju national landscape is a piece of the most beautiful Finland.

Photo: Jukka Gröndahl

- It is worth combining several destinations in the same area for the same trip. For example, when traveling to Lake Saimaa, it is worth even extending the trip for a couple of nights, if you have time to see more places of interest. Just zoom in on Google Maps to find places you haven’t heard of but would be interesting to see. At the same time you can save on round trip travel expenses.

According to Räihä, it is also important to plan a domestic trip well in advance. When a traveler often has a “bucket list” of sights, restaurants and experiences when going abroad, many trips in Finland without a proper advance plan.

According to Räihä, you can't get the most out of your trip if you only book accommodation in advance and don't plan a trip further. Planning ahead can also save you unexpected expenses.

Anna-Katri Räihän recommends, among other things, a ring safari in Saimaa.

According to Räihä, the biggest savings are made by compromising on accommodation, but when traveling in Finland, he does not want to do it himself.

- If you do not want to skimp and live in camping areas, for example, you can save money by booking bus and train trips in advance.

Räihä rented a car for the summer to make the transition easier. If you are not content with mere city destinations, a car is a must.

With regard to the car, savings can be sought from low emissions or by renting a travel package that also serves as a place to stay.

Mustio Castle in Lohja.

Photo: Laura Oja

In terms of dining, you save by choosing a place to stay that includes breakfast and eating snacks instead of a dinner.

Other savings tips remind Räihä of a museum card, which gives him access to almost all Finnish museums free of charge. Räihä hoped that the regions would cooperate more and with the same ticket you could experience more experiences - for example, to get to the safari and the art gallery.

There may also be misfortunes in Finnish tourism that would not necessarily occur abroad.

- I was on a train trip to Iisalmi and a few days later an advertisement was published in a local newspaper looking for a blonde haired girl who had worked on a computer on the train. I had been remembered and the notice asked me to contact you. I never did, but this has been remembered.

Räihä spent Midsummer with his parents in Northern Savonia.

Pirkko Schildt, who maintains the Meriharakka blog with her husband, has traveled in Finland almost every summer, but this summer, places where the couple has not visited for a while have been selected as destinations. After a break of years, Schildt spent a city break in Tampere, among other places.

- We went there with a new rooftop walk and art museums.

Other summer destinations include the ironworks village of Mathildedal, where Schildt also recommends an overnight stay, and Mariehamn, where the couple will head next weekend.

- If you are looking for something positive from the corona, you can take a day cruise directly from Helsinki to Åland. It saves time and money when you don't have to drive to Turku.

-If you are looking for something positive from the corona, you can take a day cruise directly from Helsinki to Åland, says Pirkko Schildt. Pictured is Marianhamina pedestrian street.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Schildt admits that there is no emphasis on saving on their travels: vacations are made so that wishes are fulfilled.

So he says it’s bad to give savings tips.

- I don't know if this is a savings tip, but as such it can at least be taken. In Tampere, we lived in Forenom's furnished apartment. This summer, the quality of the hotel’s breakfasts has varied, so in an apartment hotel like this, of course, you save and you won’t have to pay for a useless breakfast, Schildt says.

In 2017, Pirkko Schildt was heading towards the Middle East.

Photo: Kalle Koponen

Schildt emphasizes that trips should always be planned according to your own preferences. He emphasizes that it does not make sense to save on things that are important to him.

Thus, it does not make sense for a luxury traveler to cut accommodation costs and those who like experiences do not have to skimp on ticket costs.

- After all, savings come to us when we don't visit amusement parks. We prefer to pay for a nice hotel and a good dinner.

According to Schildt, it is important to remember that there are travel destinations in Finland for every departure. You should be on time, as especially the most popular destinations and hotels can be full.

- If you are not going to be in the same city for a week, you should book things in advance.

Did you know that there are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland? One of them is the Verla wood grinder and cardboard factory in Kouvola.

Photo: Markku Niskanen / HS

For a holiday in Finland, Schildt recommends seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland.

If you only have one of these, Schildt recommends the Verla wood grinder and cardboard factory.

According to UNESCO, the particularly well-preserved pre-industrial environment provides an excellent example of small-scale rural industrial settlement.

- There you can take part in a factory tour and stay in nearby cottages. All in all, the place is stunning, and in retrospect we have wondered why Verla was the last World Heritage Site to visit.