Corona quarantine, home jobs and leave - since the pandemic broke out at the beginning of the year, many have been looking for things to do. Such a thing seems to be cleaning.

Ellinor Sirén has been running the Instagram account Ekotipset for almost five years. The followers have increased gradually, but when the pandemic broke out, something happened.

- It has been a huge increase. I have gained 142,000 new followers and it just keeps going.

In the account, she shares classic and developed housewife tips, and things she herself has come up with and uses. The followers are engaged and often share their front and back pictures.

"Miracle was"

One of her most appreciated tips is the so-called "window cleaner" on three ingredients: water, vinegar and a few drops of detergent.

- It started out as a window cleaner but now goes rather under the name "miracle cure". It is really my followers who have tried it in more and more areas and it has worked so well. From car rims to tombstones, balconies and garden furniture - really everything.

Another tip is the bicarbonate paste, simply bicarbonate and water, which dissolves ingrown oven dirt and makes black-molded tile joints white.

Clear trend

Maricka Allensten, press communicator at Hemköp, sees a clear trend in the sale of vinegar and bicarbonate since March.

- We saw an increase of 15 per cent in January compared to last year, but in March it gained momentum with 50 per cent for bicarbonate and 40 per cent for vinegar.

The trend continued in April, May and June.

- This is probably because we have customers who are trend-sensitive but who also have a sustainability interest, says Maricka Allensten.

Willys also sees an increase in sales of the goods in June.

- About 30 percent on both bicarbonate and vinegar throughout the country, says press communicator Johanna Eurén.

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Does bicarbonate work on the floor and sugar on the stove? See SVT's reporter test the cleaning trick. Photo: Christopher Gimling Shaftoe, SVT.