Southern China turned into a sea of ​​water due to heavy rain that has continued to fall for more than a month as if a hole had been drilled in the sky. There are 30 million victims.

Correspondent Song Wook from Beijing. 

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three-story building disappears into the river that has changed like the sea, and the dangerous bridge collapses over the aggregate transport line.

The driver, who was isolated from the water that was blown up in an instant, made a mortal escape and

[that man couldn't swim].

There was a river in the river that caught the city and even caught a fish catching his bare hands on the road.

Heavy rains that lasted more than a month from the 2nd of last month have turned southern China into a sea of ​​water.

In particular, as the rain concentrated in the Yangtze River region, daily rainfall was the highest in Hubei Province.

In some parts of Jiangxi Province, 538mm of rain fell in one day, equivalent to the annual rainfall in Beijing.

[Cloth Tao / China Central Meteorological Observatory chief weatherman. It does not change the factors affecting jangmajeonseon, and down the Yangtze Heavy flow continues in the area ratio]

college entrance exams are hapil The open appearance Candidates In some areas are going to swim to the test center I was also witnessed.

So far, 140 people have died or disappeared in southern China, and 30 million have been displaced.

The amount of damage amounted to 10,600 trillion won.

[Anhui Province Tea Plantation Manager: Three thousand tons of tea leaves (worth 15.5 billion won) were all submerged overnight.]

It is said that the worst water damage since the 1998 Chinese Flood.

Authorities continue to raise the level of flood response, and are trying to prevent and recover from floods, but suffer from the wide range of damage. 

(Video coverage: Gyu Kyu, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)