Al-Jazeera's "What is Hidden Greater" program obtained documents and evidence for the first time, which reveal the secrets of the case of the escape of the famous Indian investor PR Shetty from the Emirates last February.

The investigation program presented by colleague Tamer El-Mashal conducted interviews with personalities directly connected to the case and the investigations that are underway.

What do I want to hide in the case of the escape of the Indian investor PR Shetty from the Emirates ?! #Maj_ha_a_hazam answers in the investigation next Sunday # Shetty_ and his partners

- Tamer Almisshal, Tamer Almisshal (@TamerMisshal) July 9, 2020

The investigation, titled "Shetty and His Partners," comes in light of the continuing repercussions of the Shetty escape scandal that left losses exceeding $ 7 billion, and the collapse of a large investment system that Shetty had been managing for decades, especially the health group "NMC", the largest provider of health care Private in the Emirates.

The scandal exposed a number of Emirati and foreign banks to bankruptcy, and the issue raised controversy and questions about how Shetty escaped and who were his associates.

The UAE banking sector has lived - and still is - a real confusion, due to the exposure of several local banks to the troubled Emirati Hospital Management Company, "NMC" and its subsidiaries, and this concern is due to the granting of these banks huge loans to the company that is close to declaring bankruptcy.

The total proceeds of loans granted by these banks collectively to the troubled company amount to about 3 billion dollars, of which the UAE banks share more than two billion.

According to a previous Reuters report, NMC - which Shetty founded in Abu Dhabi in 1985 - recently revised its debt figures to $ 6.6 billion, which is much higher than previous estimates.

We invite your viewers that the "What is Hidden Greatest" program will be broadcast on our screen tomorrow, Sunday, at 10:05 pm, Mecca Time, 7:05 pm GMT.