This problem General Baek Sun-Yeop's burial in the National Cemetery has been a long-standing controversy. The reaction today (11th) was varied and there was no contact. Homework was thrown at us, and I told you how to overcome this controversy and step forward together. 

Reporter Kwon Ji-yoon.

<Reporter> The

pro-Japanese ruling, or urge to promote this chapter, attended by ruling party members, was held in Seoul and Daejeon Hyunchungwon in May and June.

[Be sublime! Destroy it!] It is

wrong to saddle independence merit and pro-Japanese factions together in the National Cemetery.

Following this trend, the Democratic Party has not officially announced the death of General Baek Sun-yeop.

Since it is a pro-Japanese anti-ethnic actor, it is the message that does not formally mourn.

The Justice Party called Mr. Seon-yeop Baek and did not even reflect on pro-Japanese acts, but criticized Hyun-Chung-won for saddle.

[Kim Jong-cheol/Senior Spokesman of Chungui-dang: If the personnel who invaded the Independence Army are buried at the National Memorial Hall, what kind of familiarity can they see the independence activists ahead of us?] 

On the other hand, the United Party mourned that it was a great life to make the Republic of Korea now.

[Kim Eun-hye / Future United Party spokesman: '6·25 War Heroes','Living Legends' Any name referring to General Baek would not be able to express all thanks.]

Representative Hoho-young Joo insisted that we should saddle at Hyunchung-won, Dongjak-dong, Seoul, where most of our troops are asleep.

However, it was stated that the question of pro-Japanese behavior was the quasi-dong of the left.

Scholars who have studied pro-Japanese problems in this situation with a sharp difference in vision, advise:

[Yungyeongro / former pro-Japanese persons lexicography Committee: reports are right on that national sentiment does mosiji to primarily Cemetery, if it (the saddle is in the Cemetery) in (to think) is right put even recorded as defect -

a Chinilpa Conflicts can continue as long as legislation excluding saddles from the Hyeonchungwon saddle fails to find or find a point of contact that has already been proposed. 

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, Video editing: Park player)