During a three-hour government seminar on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Jean Castex explained his method to his ministerial team and reviewed the reforms in progress or to come. In particular, it invites new government officials to make more trips, in contact with citizens.

It has been a tradition since the beginning of the quinquennium and Jean Castex has not shied away from it. The head of government gathered his ministers on Saturday morning for a three-hour government seminar. The objective was to set the timetable for future reforms and to take stock of the files in progress so that all the ministers could tune their violins.

On the program for this morning's work: the Ségur de la Santé, the bioethics law and discussions on pension reform. It was also an opportunity to take stock of the Castex method, that of "dialogue and concertation" with local elected representatives, unions, businesses and associations.

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Accelerate the implementation of decisions made by the executive

"Efficiency is not just about going fast, it's about taking the world around you so that, very concretely, what is decided in Paris is put into action in a very concrete way", explained to the resulting from this seminar Gabriel Attal, the new spokesperson of the government. "I reminded you: I want the ministers to go to the field to hear the demands of the French, businesses and local elected officials," the head of government tweeted during the meeting.

Meeting with the members of my Government to fix our working method. I reminded you: I want the ministers to go on the ground to hear the demands of the French, businesses and local elected officials. pic.twitter.com/vFB40UKhbd

- Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) July 11, 2020

And to achieve more efficiency, the number of ministerial collaborators should increase. The ministers will be able to have fifteen full-time staff, against ten previously. In the afternoon, the Prime Minister still has to meet with associations of local elected representatives for a first contact.