Early on Saturday morning two Dutch boats sailed on and now there is only one boat left in the guest harbor that does not have a Swedish flag.

Ute Christiansen and Marcus Tralau sailed from Germany three weeks ago and are on Öland for the first time.

- We are fine here, there are not so many people and there is plenty of room, says Ute Christiansen.

The fact that so many have chosen not to go to Sweden this year is because they are afraid that many are afraid of the corona virus.

- As a sailor, we always have social distance anyway. We are not worried. We like Sweden's way of handling this, says Marcus Tralau.

Not even half full

In normal cases there can be both two and three rows of boats in the guest harbor in Borgholm for everyone to seat.

- We can receive 180 boats at most during the summer, today we have about 80 boats here, says Fabian Lindfors, who is the port captain.

Most boaters are Swedish. But some foreign sailors have come here despite the pandemic.

- We have had some Germans, Dutch, Danes and Norwegians with us, says Fabian Lindfors.

A difference from last year is that the number of seasonal places has increased this year, most are boats from Kalmar.

Fabian Lindfors, the harbor captain in Borgholm's guest harbor. Photo: Ida Svensson / SVT