McLaren’s F1 driver Lando Norris, 20, suffered a mysterious effort on Friday that forced him to reduce the number of laps driven in Friday’s practice. Norris was the eighth fastest in the second practice and drove 14 laps less than his teammate Carlos Saiz. Sainz was Fifth.

- I have suffered physically from somewhere. I don’t know where, but it’s been painful. We reduced the planned number of laps in order to make sure that I'm good condition on Saturday, Norris told Motorsport Week website.

- I'm okay now and I am able to walk, but one of the driving causes a lot of pain - especially in high-speed cornering and braking. I've been eating painkillers, but the effort has been slowed by me and it is quite frustrating. I haven’t felt confident in the car.

Norris said there is pain in the upper body area.

- I don't know exactly where, but somewhere in my chest. When I brake, the compression increases the pain tremendously, so I’m afraid to brake. It’s not very ideal here, Norris revealed.

On Saturday, McLaren signaled, according to F1’s official website, that Norris would feel better. The crux of the painful problem had been found, according to the stable, and the young star driver received treatment for his ailments.

In addition to the pain, Norris is weighed down by the starting grid penalty she received on Friday. In the first practice, Brit passed AlphaTaur during Pierre Gasly’s yellow flags. Norris will start in Sunday’s race three places lower than what his time trial ranking would justify.

The young British driver did a tough stunt last Sunday when he drove to the podium for the first time in his career. Norris was third in the opening race of the season at the Austrian Red Bull Ring.