In addition, former Democratic Party Democratic Party Chairman Choi Min-hee criticized the Justice Party for saying, "Why don't you visit Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon?"

Choi Min-hee, a former lawmaker, said in a Facebook article, "Mayor Park is free."

Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong of the Justice Party said on his Twitter yesterday that "every death is sad and sad. I give my family a heartfelt consolation."

Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong expressed his solidarity with the former Seoul City Hall staff who accused Mayor Park of sexual harassment charges. I hope that you, who could finally decide on the accusation, will not be alone to be able to breathe the clogged breath by pressing on the chest and the second assault that has already begun."

President Sim Sang-jung of the same party criticized the decision of the mayor of Seoul, saying, “After all, he said that “the one who can be the most painful is the victim.” and Assemblyman Hye-young Jang said, “I can't mourn as if nothing happened.”

In response, Choi Min-hee, a former lawmaker, pointed out, "There are times when it is time to fight fertilization, and sometimes there are times when we are saddened by sincerity."

Then, Professor Chung Joong-kwon, a former professor at Dongyang University, wrote, "Is it Jeong Jung-hwa saying that it is not appropriate to go to a woman who has suffered for years for a woman?"

Prof. Jin Joong-kwon said, "The two lawmakers are talking about how this society in which your daughter will live is going to change in the future. .... My daughter, I think that our daughters are going into such a terrifying world. "Look at it."

(Photo = Yonhap News)