The biggest struggle for the Premier League weekend is in North London, where Tottenham will host Arsenal on Sunday.

There are tensions between the local enemies anyway, but the series situation will further increase the stakes. Arsenal are eighth by 50 points and Tottenham one notch behind the surface. The place in the Champions League for next season is already starting to be hopelessly far away, but three surfaces would help even get into the European League.

The North London Derby is one of the hottest in British fields. The events of recent weeks add to the tension. Arsenal’s somet team recently checked in on Twitter when Tottenham lost 1 to 3 as a guest of Sheffield United.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho clicked back earlier this week.

- You only enjoy the problems of others when you are in trouble, Mourinho acknowledged.

Mourinho took part in a scuffle between the teams

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From the Champions League seats, the battle has turned into a trade of three. Wolverhampton dropped out of the ride after losing two of their previous games to Arsenal and Sheffield United.

Chelsea, Leicester and Manchester United are 3-5 points within two points. Chelsea is third, but has the toughest match ahead as a guest of the season’s surprise, Sheffield United.

Leicester will face Bournemouth, who are fighting against a fall on the away field, and the horrific Manchester United at home, the stakesless Southampton. The Manchester giant has won their previous four matches with a total of 14-2.

A new star has ignited for United. Only 18-year-old Mason Greenwood has scored four goals in the previous three games. In all, he has waved the net nine times already, even though he has only opened in eight games.

United’s Greenwood has been in tune.

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At the tail end, Teemu Puk’s fall in Norwich could be sealed if it doesn’t beat West Ham at home on Saturday. The match is also important for the guests, because with a full points pot, it would make a difference to the fall line already decisive.

Buck is still feverishly hunting for his first game situation goal of the calendar year. The Finnish tip has only been hit twice this year - each time from a penalty kick. The previous goal was scored on 22 January as a guest of Tottenham.

Of the other fall time candidates, Bournemouth and Aston Villa have hard spots. The first has a distance of three points to the place of the preserver and the latter four points.

If West Ham beat Norwich and Watford in their own match to take the surfaces from Newcastle, Bournemouth would almost be forced to beat Leicester and Aston Villa at their home in Crystal Palace.